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Here are some more adventure games for you to play. There are some really outstanding choices here. Age of War 2 is superb, with its inventive game play and unforgettable music. Doodle God is certainly a most unusal game. If you like hidden object adventure games, there are several on this page including Legend of the Golden Mask, and Treasure Seekers: Visions Of Gold. Another good choice is Ether of Magic Cards, which is a turn based strategy game with plenty of adventure. And don't forget to try The Island: Castaway. Can you survive on a deserted tropical island with four other castaways?

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Sarah Quest: The Pharaoh's Trap
Age Of War 2
Red Riot
Help Sarah Quest solve puzzles and collect ancient artifacts. Battle the computer's army. Destroy its home base before it destroys yours! You are a Superhero. Fly around with your jetpack and destroy flying drones, tanks, and more.
Plants vs. Zombies
Super Mario Brothers Crossover
Doodle God
Defend your home from hordes of hungry zombies! Play the original Super Mario Brothers game from Nintendo. Play as Mario, or as other classic characters. You are Doodle God! Create life on earth!
Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold
Crush the Castle 2
Fishdom 2
Help a young girl find a hidden treasure chest. Fire the catapult to crush each castle! Play Match 3 games to earn money, and build your virtual aquarium.
Sea Journey
Franky the Fish
Gems of Egypt
Battle enemy pirate ships in an exciting match 3 game! You are a goldfish named Franky. Eat fish smaller than you. But watch out for bigger fish! Battle The Evil Queen, Cleopatra II, in an intense Match 3 game.
Blackbeard's Assault
Legend of the Golden Mask
Pac Adventure Dracula's Castle
Help Blackbeard avenge his father and defeat the sea serpent. Travel with a young girl as she seeks a priceless golden mask. Help Pacman rescue his girlfriend from Dracula's Castle.
Pac vs Alien
Collapse It
Play 15 different games to help Pac free his girlfriend and punish the Alien. Kill each person by placing your bombs strategically on each structure. Fight nine different villains in an exciting, turn based, Match 3 adventure game!
Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise
Galleon Fight
Zone of War
Search for hidden objects and solve puzzles in this hidden object adventure! Use your cannons to battle enemy pirate ships. It's sink, or be sunk! You are under attack! Defend your base through fourteen enemy waves.
The Island: Castaway
Ether of Magic Cards
You are shipwrecked on an island with four other castaways. Can you survive? You, a skillful wizard, will battle against numerous magical enemies. Help Isis reunite with her dead lover in this spooky spot the difference game.
Mystery Hunter
Puzzle Prince
Strategy War
Search through the rooms of an ancient pyramid to find buried treasures. Battle against zombies, monsters and other bad guys in this amazing adventure game. Fight your enemies through land and air! Protect your home base at all costs!
Sim Taxi 2
Extreme Triathlon
The Rise of Atlantis
Pick up passengers and deliver them to their destinations as fast as you can, but don't damage your taxicab too much! Swim, bike, run, and compete against other racers, to try and become the triathlon champion of the year! Travel through the ancient world of Phoenicia, Babylon, and Egypt in this picturesque Match 3 adventure game.
Fishdom H20: Hidden Odyssey
Play hidden object games to earn money and build your dream aquarium.

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