Franky the Fish

Game Description: You are a goldfish named Franky. Eat fish smaller than you to grow bigger. But... watch out for bigger fish!

How to Play Franky the Fish:

  • Click the 'Start' button.
  • Click 'Go!'
  • Use your 4 arrow keys to control Franky.
  • Eat fish smaller than you to get bigger and stronger.
  • Watch out for bigger fish. If a bigger fish eats you... it's game over!

Franky the Fish Playing Tips:
  • It is probably best if you keep Franky in the horizontal center most of the time. Since the fish swim from left to right and right to left, if he is too close to either the left or right side of the tank you will have less time to react.
  • You can sometimes hide from the larger fish, at least for a while, at the top or bottom of the tank. But, because of the squid, it is probably safer to hide at the top.
  • Watch out for the squid! The squid are large and swim along the bottom. They can be tricky because of their stop-and-go movement.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: Franky the Fish has fun sounds and graphics.

Con: There is no sound control for the game. So, you will have to adjust your computer's speakers.

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