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This page has 30 arcade games for you to play, including some classic arcade games such as Pacman, Frogger, Bubble Shooter, and Duck Hunter. If you enjoy shooting games, in addition to Duck Hunter, you will find several more good ones on this page including Shoot 15, Ben 10 Shooting Game, and Turkey Shooter 3D. Another nice arcade game to play is Blast, a game where you must destroy the balls before they reach the top. Or, maybe you like Zuma games? Then try playing Chinese Gem Quest and IncaBall. Finally, there is Pinball. What can be more arcade than that?

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Bubble Shooter
Play the classic game of Pacman. Gobble up the little white dots while avoiding the ghosts. Play the classic game of Bubble Shooter. Destroy all bubbles. Don't let any bubble reach the bottom. Play the classic game of Frogger. Avoid the obstacles and get each frog safely into the hole.
Ben 10 Shooting Game
Break some bricks with your ball and paddle. Fun and addictive! Ms. Pacman is like regular Pacman only slightly different. Have fun shooting the moving targets!
Survival Fly
Duck Hunter
You are a fly! How many stars can you collect before getting eaten by a frog? Play Frogger in 3D. Get frogs in all 5 caves to beat each level.
How many ducks can you shoot before time runs out?
Chinese Gem Quest
Click Only Red
Play an old-fashioned game of pinball complete with flippers and realistic sounds! Destroy all gems before they enter the Beacon tower! Click on only the red balls. Sound easy? It is harder than you think!
Basket Ball A New Challenge
Boat Hunt
Air Hockey
Make 30 trick basketball shots! Shoot the rampaging ducks with your shotgun! Play a spirited game of air hockey against the computer.
Cake Catcher
Cover Orange 2
Bricks Mania
You are a mouse! How many cakes can you catch before getting caught by a mousetrap? Can you protect the smiley faced fruit from the rain? Destroy the bricks before they reach the top!
Pac Man Advanced
Shoot 15
Play Pacman with a variety of mazes. Destroy all balls before they reach the skull! How quick are you? Shoot 15 plates and don't miss 10! Good luck!
Turkey Shooter 3D
The Queen's Jewels
Destroy blobs by making matches of 3 or more. Have fun shooting some turkeys! Shoot every turkey to get to the next level. Power up the center jewel, by lining up 3 or more gems of the same color, before time runs out.
Balloon Popper
Deluxe Pacman
Oil Worm
Don't let the balloons escape! Pop all balloons before they float to the top. Plays like regular Pacman only a little easier. Guide your Oil Worm through the forest while collecting stars and avoiding obstacles.
Ball Trap
Fish Ball
Try to get all red balls on the red side, and all blue balls on the blue side. Very challenging! Destroy all of the fish with the bouncing ball to advance to the next level. Click to remove groups of 3 or more like-colored balls. Don't let the balls reach the top!

Arcade Game pages:   1  2  3  4

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