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Magic Towers Solitaire
Poker Challenge 7 Minute Bash
Create words out of the cards you're given, and make the highest score possible. A fun and more skillful version of the classic game of tripeaks solitaire. Play video poker. How much money can you win in only 7 minutes?
Age Of War 2
Around the World in 80 Days
Just Shut Up and Drive
Battle the computer's army. Destroy its home base before it destroys yours! Play an exciting match 3 game based on the classic Jules Verne novel. It's a race! Overtake your rivals and finish the race before time runs out.
Marine Life Picture Matching
Ring Pass Not II
Gin Rummy
Click on a picture. Then, click on its pair. Try to clear the entire board before time runs out. Match 8 tiles by either color or symbol to complete a magic circle. Play the popular game of Gin Rummy against the computer.
Golf Master 3D
Crush the Castle 2
Air Hockey
Play 18 holes of golf in a realistic game setting. Fire the catapult to crush each castle! Play a spirited game of air hockey against the computer.
The Queen's Jewels
Saucer Shootin 1.5
Power up the center jewel, by lining up 3 or more gems of the same color, before time runs out. Drop tiles to make groups of tiles that add up to the required number. Can you shoot down the alien saucers before they overrun your trailer park and abduct you?
Trial Bike Pro
Lady Jane Solitaire
Ride your motorcyle through a junk yard full of old cars, tires, and rocks. Build the 8 foundation piles from Ace to King with cards of the same suit. Help Joe, and his grandson, restore their farm by playing games.
Crystal Battle
Navy Battles
Solve Mystery Words with the help of color coded clues. Battle the computer in an exciting turn-based Match 3 game! Take turns against the computer, and find all of the enemy ships before they find yours.

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