Most Played Games

Jewel Quest
Bubble Shooter
Answer 15 trivia questions. Based on the popular TV show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". Turn all spaces to gold before time runs out in this exciting match 3 game! Play the classic game of Bubble Shooter.
Pyramid Solitaire Ancient Egypt
Block Blaster
Whizz Wordz
Clear all cards from the pyramid by making combinations adding up to the number 13. Shoot blocks to destroy groups of three or more. Spell as many words as you can in each category. Are you a word whizz?
Word Drop
Scrabble Sprint
Bubble Town
Spell words from 3 to 10 letters. The longest words score the most points! Form words to make points. Try to use all 64 letters. Make matches and knock out all Borbs before any reach the danger zone.
Spark Chess
Arkadium Spider Solitaire
Magic Towers Solitaire
Play chess against any of three imaginary computer opponents.
You have 10 minutes to build 8 stacks of cards from King to Ace. A fun and more skillful version of the classic game of tripeaks solitaire.
Gin Rummy
Poker Challenge 7 Minute Bash
Play the popular game of Gin Rummy against the computer. Play checkers against the computer. Play video poker. How much money can you win in only 7 minutes?
Marine Life Picture Matching
Create words out of the cards you're given, and make the highest score possible. Click on a picture. Then, click on its pair. Try to clear the entire board before time runs out. Play the game of checkers live, against opponents from all around the world!
Wheel to Spin
Flash Chess
This word game is based on the popular game show "Wheel of Fortune". Solve each puzzle by building words across and down. Play chess against the computer.
Hearts Card Game
Marble Lines
Play the card game of hearts against 3 computer opponents. Destroy all of the marbles before they reach the hole. Play the classic game of Pacman.
Ancient Jewels
Ice Breakers: Penguin Pirates
You have ten minutes to build the four suits, deuce to King. Make matches of 3 or more jewels in a row to destroy all stone slabs. Match 3 or more objects to turn all squares to gold before time runs out.
Crystal Golf Solitaire
Family Feud
Select one of the 26 cases. The banker will make an offer to buy your case. Will you accept? Move all cards unto the Home pile before the deck runs out. Try to guess the most popular answers to the survey questions.

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