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On this page you will find the 30 newest games published here on Richard's Game Reviews. Well, that's the theory anyway! Let me explain. This page, like many other pages on Richard's Game Reviews, requires that I manually edit the page. This means there are times when I will inevitably fall behind. There are a couple of things you can do to make certain you are seeing the very latest games. One thing you can do is to look at my left sidebar and check out the Recent Posts section. That section contains my five newest posts, and there will likely be some new games there. Another thing you can always do is to click the Home tab at the top of the page and then scroll down all the way to the bottom. Look in the left sidebar and you will see my Blog Archive with the current month's of posts expanded. There should be quite a few new games there too. Happy gaming!

Hidden Objects Room 6
Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise
Match Around the World
Find the hidden objects in each room. Search for hidden objects and solve puzzles in this hidden object adventure! Drive special puzzle pieces off the grid to complete a picture before time runs out.
Birds on a Wire
Chief Eagle Solitaire
Eagle Eye
Shoot birds and make matches of three or more birds to remove them from the playing field. Make combinations of cards adding up to the number 13, and try to remove all 52 cards from the playing field. Find and click the one picture that is different than the others before time runs out.
Mini-Putt 3 Jurassic Putt
Tiny Fish Factory
Brain Waves
Play 18 holes of miniature golf while going through and around obstacles. Play a Match 3 game and try to turn the entire board blue before time runs out. Test yourself in a series of seven different challenges designed to focus on different areas of your brain.
Fishdom H20: Hidden Odyssey
Freecell Solitaire
Sneaky's Road Trip Las Vegas
Play hidden object games to earn money and build your dream aquarium. Play the classic card game of Freecell Solitaire. Score bonus points for finishing fast! Sneaky is in Las Vegas. Help Sneaky find the hidden objects.
Restore Dracula's Castle
All in One Solitaire
Hidden Objects Desk
Unscramble 10 pictures to Restore Dracula's Castle before time runs out. Challenging and fun. Play 9 of your favorite solitaire games including Klondike, Freecell, and Spider Solitaire, plus 6 more. Find the hidden objects in four different scenes. Some are easy to find. Others are hard.
The Rise of Atlantis
Lost in the Tribes
Battle Scribes
Travel through the ancient world of Phoenicia, Babylon, and Egypt in this Match 3 adventure game. Play a challenging hidden object game where you will search for hidden objects in 4 levels of play. Test your wits against ten colorful opponents in this medieval word-wizard tournament!
Magic Room Solitaire
Triple Rotate
Embed Mahjong
Form chains of cards from King to Ace. Remove all of the cards from the playing field to win! Rotate the figures to match identical shapes. Turn the entire board to gold to pass to the next level. Play the game of Mahjong with no time limits! Score 2 points for each match you can make.
Extreme Triathlon
Flash Checkers 3
Word Grid
Swim, bike, run, and compete against other racers, to try and become the triathlon champion of the year! Play a game of checkers against the computer. Standard checkers rules apply. Spell words from 3 to 8 letters as fast as you can until time runs out.
World's Greatest Places Mahjong
Bakers Dozen Solitaire
Visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth while playing the classic game of Mahjong. Destroy marbles by forming groups of 3 or more of the same color. Don't let any marble reach the skull! Move the cards between the 13 stacks, and try to get all 52 cards to the foundations.
Word Burst
Bird Pax
Color Trail
Make words as fast as you can! Each word you make adds time to the clock. Play the bigger card to win a trick. Win enough cards to get to the next level. Make trails by matching pieces by color or shape. There are 25 levels of play. How far can you go?

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