Maze Games Page 1

Gem Mania
Can you move the red ball with the arrow keys and get it to the blue square? Play the classic game of Pacman. Get the train safely through the maze to reach the next level in this challenging game.
Farm Roads
Ghost Man Advanced
Ms. Pacman is like regular Pacman only slightly different. Connect the farming community by linking all the isolated roads. A fun game of strategy! Ghost Man Advanced is a game similar to Pacman, but with a variety of mazes.
Turn Maze
Pac Man Advanced
Deluxe Pacman
Get the smiley face to drop into the hole by turning the maze left or right. Play Pacman with a variety of mazes. Plays like regular Pacman only a little easier.
Pac Adventure Dracula's Castle
Help Pacman rescue his girlfriend from Dracula's Castle. Connect all the islands with the correct number of bridges in this fun game of strategy.

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