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Here is a nice collection of Word Games for you to play. Word Drop and Wordstacks (my personal favorite), are probably the two most popular word games here on Richard's Game Reviews. At one time I had the highest Wordstacks recorded score, but that was quite some time ago. Unfortunately, for me, I haven't had any time to play it for the past several months. It certainly is a great game though, and I highly recommend that you try playing Wordstacks if you haven't done so already. Another game I recommend is Chicktionary. For some reason it has never been very popular here on my site, but I still think it is quite good. Two other games that I would also recommend would be Text Mate and Wordz Mania. If you like humor in a word game, try Hangaroo which is a hilarious version of Hangman, or try playing Ghost.

Text Mate
Word Slider
How many words can you spell before time runs out? Solve each puzzle by building words across and down. A word search puzzle that lets you slide letters around the board. There is a new puzzle each day!
Word Search
Wordz Mania
Baseball Word Search
Play the classic game of word search. Can you build enough words before time runs out? Find all of the words before time runs out.
Word Bump
Word Drop
Can you make words fast enough to bump the Golden Tiles to the top? Spell words from 3 to 10 letters. The longest words score the most points! Match wits with a ghost in a hilarious word game.
Daily Crossword #1
Whizz Wordz
Solve the crossword puzzle. There is a new puzzle to solve each day! Spell as many words as you can in each category. Are you a word whizz? Solve Mystery Words with the help of color coded clues.
Letter Blocks
Spell enough words fast enough to advance to the next level. Play the classic game of Hangman. Can you save the kangaroo? Rearrange the white letters to make mystery words.
Word Sailing
Scrabble Sprint
Go island hopping in style! Spell words to power your boat and win the race! Form words to make points. Try to use all 64 letters. Guess the mystery phrase, one letter at a time.
Wheel to Spin
Word Master
This word game is based on the popular game show "Wheel of Fortune". Unscramble letters to find as many words as you can. Spell enough words to reach the target score before time runs out.
Letter Twist
Try to unscramble the words by swapping letters. Form words fast enough to prevent the bombs from exploding! Spell words as fast as you can to keep the letters from freezing.
Word Drop
Find Words
Make words from letters that drop. There are 6 challenging levels. Create words out of the cards you're given, and make the highest score possible. Find all of the words on the list before time runs out.
Save the Monkey!
Insect Word Search
Save the monkey from a bully by finding the hidden word or phrase. Drag and link letters together to make words, using any connecting bubbles. You have 4 minutes to find up to 10 insect related words.
Battle Scribes
Word Grid
Word Burst
Test your wits against ten colorful opponents in this medieval word-wizard tournament! Spell words from 3 to 8 letters as fast as you can until time runs out. Make words as fast as you can! Each word you make adds time to the clock.

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