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In all of the Big Fish Eat Little Fish Games, you will begin the game as a little fish. The idea of these games is to eat fish smaller than your fish in order to grow bigger and stronger while avoiding the larger fish. I think the thing that makes each of these games fun, and so appealing, is their utter unpredictability. Sometimes you will see large schools of fish, and at other times you will see only a few fish which will allow you to take a breather, at least for a moment! Some fish swim fast, while other swim slow. One thing is for certain. Big Fish Eat Little Fish Games will provide a lot of excitement and keep you on your toes!

Hungry Piranha
You are a goldfish. Eat, or be eaten! You are a hungry piranha. Eat smaller fish. Watch out for shark attacks! You are a fish. Eat smaller fish and worms. Avoid fish bigger than you!

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