Word Drop

Game Description: Word Drop is a randomly generated word find game with a slight twist. All the letters that you use to form words disappear from the playing field, dropping all letters above them down. Letters will consolidate to the left if a row is depleted. Score more points by forming larger words as well as clearing rows, columns, or even the entire board.

How to Play Word Drop:

  • Try to spell words from 3 to 10 letters long.
  • Click a letter to start a word.
  • Click any touching letter to continue.
  • Click the last letter again to finish a word.
  • If Word Drop accepts your word you will earn points. If your word is unacceptable you will hear a "boing" sound, and you must then try to spell a different word.
  • If you start to spell a word, and then change your mind, simply click anywhere else on the board to begin a new word.
  • As letters are used the remaining letters above drop down.
  • When a column of letters is used up the remaining columns squeeze together.
  • If you can't find any words, press the large shuffle button on the right side to get new letters.
  • Three reshuffles are allowed per game.

How to Score in Word Drop:
  • 3 letter words score 270 points.
  • 4 letter words score 810 points.
  • 5 letter words score 2,430 points.
  • 6 letter words score 7,290 points.
  • 7 letter words score 21,870 points.
  • 8 letter words score 65,610 points.
  • 9 letter words score 196,830 points.
  • 10 letter words score 590,490 points.
  • Clearing rows, columns, or even the entire board will earn you bonus points.

Play Word Drop on Full Screen

Please Note: Before playing Word Drop in Full Screen mode, you may want to take a moment, or two, to read my review. Then, after playing your game, simply click the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Word Drop Game Options:
  • The game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the microphone icon located on the upper right side of the game screen.
Word Drop Playing Tips:
  • The way to score high in Word Drop is to concentrate on spelling longer words. A single 10 letter word earns you almost six hundred thousand points! A single 9 letter word earns you almost two hundred thousand points! Of course, it is not that easy to find these longer words, but it is well worth it when you can.
  • Chances are you are not going to find a 9 or 10 letter word without first dropping down other letters. This is not that difficult because with Word Drop you will know exactly where the letters will drop. It just takes a little planning. For instance, when you see a combination for a large word you may need to first use up a few letters above in order for the letters you need to drop down. After the letters drop down where you need them, you can then spell that longer word!
  • Make plurals. Word Drop will accept the plural form of a word. With most words in the English language you will simply add the letter 'S' to the end of the word to make it plural. Remember, with Word Drop, just adding one more letter to a word makes a huge difference to your score.
  • Look for common prefixes and suffixes. A prefix occurs at the beginning of a word. Some common prefixes are: anti, auto, com, con, dis, extra, il, im, in, inter, intra, ir, macro, micro, non, pre, pro, sub, syn, trans, tri, and un. A suffix occurs at the end of a word. Some common suffixes are: able, acy, al, ance, ate, dom, ed, ence, er, ful, fy, ible, ic, ical, ify, ing, ious, ise, ish, ism, ist, ity, ive, ize, less, ment, ness, or, ous, ship, sion, and tion. Identifying common prefixes and suffixes can help you form those longer words for higher scores.
  • If you are not sure if Word Drop will accept your word try it anyway. If it turns out that Word Drop will not accept your word no harm is done because Word Drop will not deduct any points from your score when a word is not accepted.
  • Don't forget you get 3 reshuffles per game. So, use them when you feel the time is right.
Richard's Rating: 5 out of 5.

Comments: Word Drop is a fun and challenging word game. It is certainly challenging to find those 9 or 10 letter words. Even the 8 letter words are not that easy to find. I especially like the fact, that there is no time limit. This gives you time to think, and strategize.

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  1. Heartbeats = 10 letters = 590,490 AWESOME

  2. Congratulations on coming up with a 10 letter word! I know it is not that easy to do. When I wrote my review for Word Drop I had to come up with an 8, 9, and a 10 letter word so I could figure out, and explain, the scoring. I remember how hard that was. Again, nice going.

    Richard from Richard's Game Reviews

  3. I've gone through addiction phases with this game - there are times when I can't play it enough, then I ignore it for weeks. I have to admit, I feel like the time wasting aspect is a little high brow when I play word games versus smash a bubble type - I have to actually think! This is a good game. Wish I had a hand held version for the kids to play in the car.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comment. I also know what it is like to get addicted to games. I have become somewhat addicted to some of the games on my site, including Fishy, Block Blaster, and Wordstacks.

    Unfortunately for me, the best solution was to stop playing these games altogether. It's a shame too, because I really enjoyed playing those games. But they were simply taking up too much of my time. It is a fine line between enjoying a game, and having it consume you. Anyway, as I always tell people: Have fun, but play responsibly!

    Wishing you the best,

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews

  5. hi Richard I posted yesterday about worddrop Thanks for your answer and yes it was the first worddrop but things are still the same .....When I submit my score it says undefined and comes up in minutes and seconds ie; Your score was 10minutes 12 seconds I have been on your site for well over a year and never had any problems...and there is still no other people on the leaderboard ...Any suggestions would be welcome...Thanks

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    This is Richard again. For those of you who may be confused by reading this, Anonymous asked a question about the Word Drop leaderboard yesterday but posted his/her comment on a different page. So, basically we are in the middle of a conversation here.

    Well Anonymous, this is really perplexing isn't it? I know that yesterday I said that I didn't think that the problem was some sort of a setting on your computer, but I have to rethink that. Like I explained yesterday, I was able to submit my Word Drop score on the Word Drop leaderboard with no problem whatsoever. Of course, I only played the game for about 10 seconds just to see if I could submit a score. I simply spelled a 4 letter word which scores 810 points, and then I submitted that score just to see if it would go through, and it did. Now, of course, 810 points is not going to be high enough to make the leaderboard, but the point is that the game did allow me to submit a score.

    As for your statement that "there is still no other people on the leaderboard", well I do have a possible explanation for that. I noticed that the time you posted your comment shows 4:46 AM. I am not sure what that time would be locally where you live. However, if you are only looking at the day tab on a leaderboard and you happen to be viewing it right after midnight, there would not be any scores even for a popular game like Word Drop because a new day has just begun. I can also tell you that right now, it is mid morning here in California, which is where I live, and the leaderboard is jam-packed with people.

    Since I am able to play the game here on Richard's Game Reviews, and submit my score to the leaderboard, the only conclusion I can make is that the problem is not with the game, and it is not with my site. I mean if everything is working okay for me here, then everything must be working fine, right?

    So the bottom line is this Anonymous, and I hate to tell you this, and I am sure it is the last thing you want to hear, but the evidence is clear to me that the problem is with your computer. Now I see that you said that you have been on my site for well over a year and never had any problems. (By the way, before I go any further, thank you so much for being so loyal. I really appreciate that type of loyalty!) What I am thinking is that something must have changed on your computer. Perhaps a setting got changed, or something got disabled, or something like that? Is it possible that you may need a newer version of your Adobe Shockwave Player? You may want to try reinstalling that. Here is the link. Also, I did suggest yesterday that if it was possible, try playing Word Drop on Richard's Game Reviews on a different computer, just one time, to see if the problem still persists. And here is one last suggestion, althtough I hate to give such a suggestion to such a loyal follower, but try playing Word Drop on your computer on another game site and see if you have the same problem. But please do come back!

    Anyway Anonymous, those are my suggestions. I hope one of them works for you. I am trying to give you as much help as I possibly can. Let me know how it goes, if you can, by posting another message on this page. Thanks again for your question.

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews

  7. hi Richard I tried playing Word drop on other sites yesterday and they all worked fine, but I still prefer your site as it allows me to play on full screen which I find preferable if I am going to sit there and take my time thinking!! Anyway, just to say I am in the UK and would you believe it...Everything is working fine this morning so I am very happy and hope to have many happy hours on your brilliant site!!
    Thanks for all your advice and help!!

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    This is Richard. I am glad to hear that everything worked out for you and you can play Word Drop on my site once again. Let's hope that whatever the mysterious problem was, that it stays away! The thing that I really enjoy about Word Drop is that, with this particular version, there is no time limit and you can, as you stated, take the time to sit there and think. It is really a nice game to relax with, and it is a nice change of pace from a lot of the noisy and fast-paced games. Although, those types of games certainly do have their place too.

    I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the full screen version. I know, that by looking at my stats, that the full screen games do very well. After I complete my site redesign, I will be providing even more full screen games. I am also going to create a separate full screen game category, so that all of the full screen games can be found in one place.

    So Anonymous, you say that you are from the UK. That explains why your comments are posted so early in the morning. I get a lot of my traffic from the UK. Once again Anonymous, thanks for all of your very kind comments. Please feel free to post additional comments whenever you like.

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews

  9. Hi Anonymous,

    This is Richard here again. I just realized that I forgot to explain something rather significant in my last reply. You may not know, and most people do not know and probably do not care, but most of the time when you play a full screen game here on Richard's Game Reviews, technically you are leaving my site and playing your game on another site that I am affiliated with. Although both games are on the same server, they are, of course, still two separate sites. So if you were having problems with the Word Drop leaderboard when you were playing on full screen, then it was that site that was having the problem, instead of my site. This would explain why I did not have a problem submitting my game score, and you did. When I submitted my score, the day before yesterday, I was testing things out on the smaller game that I have here, and not on the full screen game. So, I kind of owe you an apology for thinking that the problem was with your computer. I just did not realize that you were playing on the full screen game. That would also explain why you did not have problems when you played Word Drop on other sites. The bottom line is this. The problem clearly was not with your computer, or with my site. It had to be with the affiliated site. Anyway Anonymous, I hope I was able to explain things clearly enough, so you understand what I am trying to say.

    By the way, I do have to warn you that if this ever does happen again, you will likely either have to wait until they fix things over there on the other site, or just settle for playing Word Drop on the regular size screen here on Richard's Game Reviews until they do. Which, by the way, really isn't too bad. Also I want to mention that after I complete my site redesign, I will be making most of the games here on Richard's Game Reviews about 10% larger, and that will also include Word Drop.

    I am sorry Anonymous for giving you such a long, rambling, answer. I am just trying to be as thorough as possible.

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews