Pac vs Alien

Game Description: Pac and his girlfriend were enjoying a lovely day on the sea coast. Suddenly a flying UFO appeared and kidnapped Pac's girlfriend. Help Pac free his girlfriend and punish the Alien.

How to Play Pac vs Alien:

  • Once the game fully loads, click the yellow 'Play Game' button.
  • Next, click the green 'Play Game' button.
  • There are 15 levels.
  • Each level has a mini-game to play.
  • All of the games are played with the left mouse button only. The keyboard is never used.
  • When you are able to complete each game, you go on to the next level.
  • When you fail a level, click the 'Replay' button to play the game again.
  • You get an unlimited number of tries to complete each game. So, you can play each game until you succeed.
  • After you fail a level several times, Pac vs Alien will offer you a 'Skip' button which will allow you to skip the level if you wish and go immediately to the next game.
  • The 'Skip' button, which is usually located below and to the right of the 'Replay' button, is not a one time offer. If you choose to replay the game Pac vs Alien will offer you the option of skipping the game again and again. Sometimes this offer will occur immediately. Sometimes you will need to play the game several more times until the 'Skip' button option is offered to you again.
  • The clock is located at the top of the game screen near the upper right corner, just to the left of the sound button. The clock will show you how much time you have used as you progress through the 15 levels of play.
  • Try to solve each mini-game as quickly as possible.
  • At the end of the last level you will receive a final score based on the total time taken to play all of the 15 games.
  • The more time you take, the higher your final score will be. (I would also assume, although I have not verified this, that using the 'Skip' button would give you some type of penalty and make your score even higher).
  • Your goal is to achieve the lowest final score you possibly can.

Pac vs Alien Game Options:
  • The game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the sound button located at the upper right corner.

Pac vs Alien Playing Tips: There are 15 mini-games. Here is a brief description of each game along with some game playing tips to perhaps help you do just a little bit better.
  • Game #1 -- Pac fell into the water and was attacked by sinister piranhas. There are 5 fish. Each fish is a different size. Your task here is to help Pac eat all of the fish before any eat him. You do this only by eating each fish starting with the smallest fish and working your way up to the biggest fish one size at a time. So, you simply move Pac with your mouse and run into the smallest fish first, then the next biggest fish and so on. If any of the fish other than the smallest remaining fish run into Pac you lose, and you will need to replay the level. This game is probably one of the easiest games of the 15, and you should not have much difficulty here.
  • Game #2 -- After Pac deals with the hungry piranhas, he gets out of the water and immediately heads towards helping his girlfriend. In this mini-game there are a number of obstacles that you must help Pac jump over. The obstacles travel from right to left toward Pac. You jump over the obstacles by clicking your left mouse button and holding it down long enough until you can clear each obstacle. This game is really a matter of timing and rhythm. You can watch Pac's progress on the line below the game. You must get Pac all the way to the end of the line (at the right) to win. Otherwise, you will need to replay the game. I found this game to be one of the tougher ones for me until I got the hang of it.
  • Game #3 -- In this game there are 3 monsters. You have to shoot each monster and kill it before any of the monsters reach Pac. You shoot the monsters by placing the cross hairs on each moving monster and click as fast as you can with your left mouse button. You cannot kill a monster with a single shot. It takes many shots to kill each monster. The trick here is knowing that your shots will only have an affect on the monster in front. If you shoot any of the behind monsters your shots will have no effect whatsoever. Tip: I really struggled with this mini-game until I decided to use two hands instead of one. I moved my mouse with my right hand to keep it on top of the monster and I used my left index finger to shoot. Personally, I found it was much easier to click my mouse more quickly by doing it this way. If you, too, find this game difficult you may want to try this same technique.
  • Game #4 -- Pac is tired and needs a snack. In this game there are 10 edible mushrooms and 10 poison mushrooms. Move your mouse and click on each edible mushroom before the time is up. (The time is indicated by the green bar at the left which drains from top to bottom). Win this game by only clicking all of the edible mushrooms before the time is up and avoid clicking the poison mushrooms.
  • Game #5 -- Pac met a wise man who advised him to jump into the well. In this mini-game you must shoot Pac from a cannon into the well.
  • Game #6 -- Pac is now inside the well but he can't submerge to the bottom. Keep clicking your mouse faster and faster to help Pac reach the bottom before time runs out. (The allowable time is indicated by the green bar at the left that drains from top to bottom). Tip: Make sure your mouse pointer is somewhere within the game screen or your clicking will have no affect.
  • Game #7 -- In this game you must assemble the picture of Pac's face by clicking each individual piece to rotate it into the correct position. You must complete the picture before time runs out. (Once again, the allowable time is indicated by the green bar at the left that drains from top to bottom).
  • Game #8 -- In this mini-game you have to assemble an aircraft before the time is up. (Once again, the allowable time is indicated by the green bar at the left that drains from top to bottom). There are 7 different pieces to this puzzle. There are 3 legs and 4 top pieces. Drag them with your mouse inside of the outline in the center. Tip: You do not need to place each piece in any particular place. The only requirement is that each of the 7 pieces is placed somewhere inside of the dashed outline before time is up. Once inside of the dashed outline the pieces will automatically go where they should.
  • Game #9 -- Pac repaired the aircraft and now he has to fly it through the cave. Click your left mouse button to let the aircraft go up, release it to let the aircraft go down. This game requires holding down and releasing the mouse quickly and in a controlled way to fly the aircraft safely through the cave without hitting the stalactites and stalagmites. You can watch your progress on the line below the game. You must get Pac all the way to the end of the line (at the right) to win. This, for me, is probably the most difficult game of the whole lot.
  • Game #10 -- You're now located in the cave full of power-producing elements. Help Pac to collect all of the necessary elements and fill the aircraft for the interplanetary journey. Tip: In this game no clicking is needed. All you have to do is to move your mouse around and pick up the elements. Of all of the mini-games, this may be the easiest one.
  • Game #11 -- Pac is flying in open space. Help Pac avoid all of the asteroids. You can watch your progress on the line at the right. Pac begins at the bottom. To win this game you have to get Pac all the way to the top of the line. Tip: This game only requires side to side mouse movement. (You cannot move your spacecraft up or down). If you can get your spacecraft all the way to either the extreme left or right side sometimes it is easier because sometimes, but not always, you may encounter less asteroids in those areas.
  • Game #12 -- You can now see the alien's planet. You must now help Pac defeat the enemy aircrafts that are waiting for him. Click your left mouse button to fire. Destroy all of the 15 enemy spacecraft without getting hit by enemy fire. Tip: After you fire you can go to the extreme left or right to sometimes protect yourself from enemy fire. Then, move back towards the center to fire once again. You must work quickly because the enemy spacecraft will start moving down the screen toward your own spacecraft. As they move down, this gives you less and less reaction time. So, a good technique is to fire a lot of shots quickly at the very beginning and try to take out a lot of the enemy spacecraft before they have a chance to advance.
  • Game #13 -- Pac is now ready to battle the alien himself. Pac's spacecraft hovers above the alien. Use mouse movement to move from side to side. Click with your left mouse button to throw bombs at the alien. But be careful. The alien possesses a secret lethal weapon... the claw!
  • Game #14 -- Now that Pac has defeated the alien he is ready to start searching for his girlfriend. But first he must reach the 'x' in the maze. Move Pac by clicking with your mouse and get him to the 'x' at the center of the maze before time runs out. (Once again, the allowable time is indicated by the green bar at the left that drains from top to bottom).
  • Game #15 -- Finally, there is Pac's girlfriend but she is behind the stone wall! This mini-game is an Arkanoid type game. Help Pac break all of the obstacles in order to rescue his girlfriend.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: Pac vs Alien sparkles with graphics and animations that are simple, yet unbelievably imaginative and clever. Each scene begins with a giant pencil that draws Pac or some other object that is integral to the game you are about to play. I mean, how cool is that? There are 15 mini-games to play and each one offers up something different. I defy anyone to play this game and not have fun. It would be virtually impossible. Yes, it really is that good!

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