Galleon Fight

Game Description: It is war, and you are the commander of the last surviving ship. Your mission is to protect your castle and stop the enemy invasion at all cost.

How to Play Galleon Fight:

  • Once the game fully loads, click the 'Start' button. (If you do not see the screen with the 'Start' button, click the 'Skip Ad' button to bring it up).
  • On the next screen, click the 'New Game' button.
  • Select your difficulty level of 'Easy' or 'Normal'. (Hint: I suggest that you select the 'Normal' difficulty level, because the 'Easy' difficulty is probably too easy).
  • Your goal is to destroy and sink all of the enemy ships, before they can do the same to you.
  • For each battle, you always get the first shot. For some levels you may be able to see the bow of the first enemy ship. On other levels, your first shot will be a blind shot, and you will simply have to guess where the enemy ships are located.
  • After you take your first shot Galleon Fight will automatically pan over, and you will see where all of the enemy ships are located.
  • The enemy will now fire back at you.
  • After that, you and the enemy will take turns firing at each other.
  • To fire your cannons, first aim your ship's arrow with your mouse. Then, click and hold your left mouse button to set the cannon power and release to fire.
  • If you are able to destroy and sink all of the enemy ships, you will go on to the next level. (Click the 'Continue' button on the 'Level Completed' screen).
  • Should you fail, and the enemy sinks your ship, you may repeat a level until you succeed.
  • Each time you win a battle you will earn money.
  • Between levels, you may use the money you earn to buy upgrades for your ship to increase its health and buy additional armor and weapons.
  • Shoot the treasure chest to earn an extra $100 dollars, which may also be used for ship upgrades.
  • Galleon Fight has 15 levels of play.
  • There seems to be no way, and least that I can find, to save your game progress. So, you will need to complete your game during one sitting.

Galleon Fight Game Options:
  • The game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the microphone icon located at the upper right corner.

Galleon Fight Playing Tips:
  • When you find a shot that works, try repeating it.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: Galleon Fight has entertaining graphics and sounds, with some very engaging music.

Con: It certainly would have been helpful if Galleon Fight would allow you to save your game progress.

Other Games: If you enjoyed playing Galleon Fight, you may also like to play Engage and Destroy which is similar, but in my opinion is a vastly superior game.

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