Tripeaks Solitaire

Game Description: Move all cards from the playing field to the discard pile before all cards in the pack are exhausted.

How to Play Tripeaks Solitaire:

  • Each level begins with some cards face down (the pack), 1 card face up immediately to the right of the pack (the discard pile), and numerous cards with some face up and some face down (the playing field.)
  • The goal of Tripeaks Solitaire is to move the entire playing field unto the discard pile before the pack runs out of cards. (You will always know how many cards remain in the pack because this number is displayed on the top of the pack.)
  • A card may be moved from the playing field unto the discard pile when it is one card higher or lower. For example if the discard pile shows a 5, any 6 or any 4 may be moved from the playing field unto the pile.
  • Build sequences until the playing field is clear. For instance: 3, 2, A, K, Q, J, 10, J, Q, K, A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3... The order can be ascending, descending or both.
  • Use your left mouse button to move a card from the playing field to the discard pile by clicking on it. (The card will automatically move as long as it is eligible to do so.)
  • When you run out of moves from the playing field, click the pack. This will automatically overturn the top card from the pack and place that card face up on the discard pile and play begins again.
  • Anytime you need help you may click the Hint button and Tripeaks Solitaire will vibrate a card. This will be a card from the playing field should you have an eligible move. Otherwise, it will vibrate the pack indicating you have no moves remaining and you must deal the next card from the pack.
  • You will earn extra points for longer sequences.
  • Click the Undo button to undo your last move. You may click the Undo button as many times as you wish in a row, to undo the last several moves should you wish to do so. However, each time you click the Undo button you will lose points. Also, if you have a long sequence going (which will earn you extra points for each card,) clicking the Undo button breaks the sequence.
  • Collect butterflies. When a card marked with a butterfly is on top of the discard pile and you are able to make a play on this card a nice thing happens. The butterfly will actually fly off of the card and land near the lower left corner of the game screen. If you are observant, you will notice the number of butterflies you have collected is displayed as a number on the bottom leaf in the lower left corner. A butterfly can be used at anytime to remove any card from the playing field. To use a butterfly first click the butterfly, then click the card you wish to remove. (Note: the card will only be removed from the playing field. It will not go to the discard pile where you can build on it.) All unused butterflies carry over to the next round, whether you get to the next level or you need to repeat the level you are on.
  • A card marked with a magnolia is a wild card. Any card can cover a magnolia and a magnolia may cover any card.
  • If you are able to remove all cards from the playing field before the pack runs out you win the level, and you go to the next level. Should you fail, as far as I have been able to determine, you may repeat any level an unlimited amount of times until you succeed.
  • There are 80 levels of play.
  • Tripeaks Solitaire will save your game automatically. As long as you use the same computer and come back to Richard's Game Reviews you should have no trouble picking up right where you left off.

Tripeaks Solitaire Game Options:
  • The game sound or background animation may be turned on or off. To access these controls first click the Main Menu button located at the lower right corner of the game screen. (Tripeaks Solitaire will always ask you if you want to save your game before you exit to the Main Menu. You must click 'Ok'). Then, click the Options button on the Main Menu screen.

Tripeaks Solitaire Playing Tips:
  • Face down cards on the playing field will be revealed when all cards on top of them are played. If you have a choice of cards to play, always play the card that will result in the greatest number of other face down cards being revealed. For instance, if you have three eights available to play and the first eight when overturned will uncover two cards, the second eight would reveal one card, and the third eight would reveal no card; you would choose the first eight. The quicker you can get more cards turned over the better, because this gives you more playing possibilities.
  • When you have a card marked with a magnolia on the playing field I think it is probably better to play it immediately, especially if it will reveal any cards underneath.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: Tripeaks Solitaire is quite fun with absolutely beautiful graphics and animation. This is a very nice game to relax with!

  • Because, apparently, you may repeat any level as many times as you need to, Tripeaks Solitaire lacks some excitement. I can understand, and agree with the concept, that in a game that has 80 levels you would not wish to penalize someone by making them start again from the beginning should they fail a level once. and waste all of that effort. But, I think there should have been some sort of a cutoff point and not have unlimited tries. I should point out however that when you do fail a level you do lose some points. So, for people who are trying to get a top score perhaps this is incentive enough?
  • This game can get somewhat monotonous level after level. It would have been nice if a few new elements could have been introduced throughout the game.
  • Tripeaks Solitaire has a lot of ads even for a game with 80 levels. There are not, thank goodness, ads after every level. But, there are enough to be slightly irritating. At least the ads are short in duration and you always have the option to skip any ad, should you wish, before it runs it's full length.
  • The game may load slow at the beginning, and sometimes when a new level begins. Of course, everything is running slow on my PC these days. So, maybe you won't even notice.

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  1. I LOVE this game. The multiple layouts make it addictive, and I never tire pf playing it.