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You are very likely already familiar with Word Search games. Who hasn't seen a Word Search game, or its equally famous cousin the Jumble, printed in their favorite newspaper or magazine? But there are two differences with those familiar printed versions of Word Search games, and the computer versions. The first difference is obvious. You don't need a pencil. lol. No, you just need to use your mouse and click on the first letter of the word, and then drag and release your mouse when you reach the last letter. But the second difference is rather significant, and here is where the computer Word Search games have their big advantage. They have the ability to give a time limit, where you must find all of the words on the list before time is up. No newspaper or magazine can do that! This makes the computer Word Search games, oh so very challenging. And, oh so much fun!

Word Search
Find Words
Baseball Word Search
Play the classic game of word search. Find all of the words on the list before time runs out. Find all of the baseball words before time runs out.
Insect Word Search
You have 4 minutes to find up to 10 insect related words.

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