Chasing Games Page 1

Cheetah Chase
Hungry Piranha
You are a goldfish. Eat, or be eaten! Catch the evil Dr. Cheetah before he gets away! You are a hungry piranha. Eat smaller fish. Watch out for shark attacks!
Cake Catcher
Engage and Destroy
Survival Fly
You are a mouse! How many cakes can you catch before getting caught by a mousetrap? Battle the enemy pirate ship through a dense fog! You are a fly! How many stars can you collect before getting eaten by a frog?
Franky the Fish
Rescue the Band
You are a goldfish named Franky. Eat fish smaller than you. But watch out for bigger fish! The band members have been kidnapped. Can you rescue them? You are a fish. Eat smaller fish and worms. Avoid fish bigger than you!
Stay Yellow
You're a little yellow blockhead. Avoid the other blockheads and Stay Yellow as long as you can.

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