Crush the Castle 2

Game Description: Fire the catapult to crush each castle!

How to Play Crush the Castle 2:

  • After the game loads, and this may take a little while, at least it does on my computer; click the 'Play' button.
  • Next, click the 'New Game' button. (Important: If you are coming back to continue a saved game, make sure you click the 'Continue' button instead of the 'New Game' button).
  • Click the 'Continue' button twice to skip the story.
  • Now, click the first map section (the island near the middle bottom). You will know this is the right place to click because your mouse pointer will change shape.
  • After you click the island, you will see the first two castles for the game. Click on either of these castles to begin play.
  • The goal of Crush the Castle 2 isn't actually to crush the castle as its name implies. The real goal is to kill all of the villagers in each castle. (No need to worry. This is not nearly as gory as it sounds. I promise!)
  • How many villagers you need to kill, and how many shots you get, is shown at the bottom of each screen. For instance, 0/3, and 1 Shot, means that in order to win a gold medal you must kill all 3 villagers with a single shot. By the way, the 0/3 part will also tell you how many villagers you killed with your last shot, or shots. For instance, 2/3 means that you killed 2 of the 3 villagers.
  • To fire the catapult you will need to click on it two times with your left mouse button. The first click begins to swing the catapult. The second click fires the catapult. It is simply a matter of rhythm to find the right speed and trajectory.
  • You get an unlimted number of shots! Just click the 'Reset' button to try again.
  • If you are having trouble with a particular castle and want to try crushing a different castle, then later come back to the castle you were working on, click the map button (this is the small button immediately to the left of the Menu button). The game will ask if you are sure you want to go back to the map. It will also tell you that you will lose any progress you made on this castle. Click 'Yes' if you agree.
  • For some castles you will be given more than one shot to earn a gold medal. To take an extra shot, or shots, after you take your first shot you would click the object that looks like a sort of large wheel (located at the bottom center of the screen between the 'Reset' button and the Shot number indicator), instead of clicking the 'Reset' button. I am not sure what this object is actually called, but for the sake of this review let's call it the 'Wheel of Death'. Of course, if your first few shots prove ineffective, or if you haven't achieved your goal after the required number of shots are taken, click the 'Reset' button to begin again. Incidently, the number of shots you have taken can be seen at the top of the screen.
  • Crush the Castle 2 should automatically save your game progress as long as you use the same computer.
  • There are a total of 50 castles to crush.

Crush the Castle Playing Tips:
  • To get extra momentum on your shot, let the catapult swing all the way to the bottom, then all the way back to the top and click again just as it moves forward and hits its highest point.
  • Some castles have kegs of dynamite. If you are able to explode a bomb next to the dynamite this can set off a chain reaction.
  • When you have a parachute bomb, wait until your shot is directly above the intended target. Then, click on the text in the upper right corner (the text will say "CLICK to release parachute"). The parachute will open up and glide slowly down. This enables you to make a precision shot.
  • A Remote bomb -- These bombs won't detonate until you click the 'Detonate' button located in the upper right corner.
  • There are various weapons you can use. Each weapon is pictured on the outer circle of the 'Wheel of Death'. As you play the game, you will unlock these weapons. (If a weapon is still dim on the wheel, this means it has yet to be unlocked and cannot yet be used). To change your weapon, simply rotate the 'Wheel of Death' with the arrows on each end and click on the weapon of your choice. For some castles, it will be necessary to change your weapon in order to crush the castle. I am not suggesting there is only one way to crush a castle. Quite the contrary. Try different weapons to see which one works best for each situation.
  • If you get gold medals for all 50 castles you earn a very special secret weapon. Look once again at the 'Wheel of Death.' Notice there is now a brand new weapon -- a secret potion. (It is the one that looks like a purple bottle). Try crushing a few castles with the secret weapon. It is super cool!
  • Need more help? Watch these YouTube Videos for Crush the Castle 2.

Richard's Rating: 5 out of 5.

Comments: Crush the Castle 2 features absolutely stunning 3-D scenes and great sounds. Play for just ten minutes, and you will see how truly wonderful this game is!

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