Game Description: Help Isis reunite with her dead lover in this spooky spot the difference game.

How to Play Isis:

  • After the game fully loads, (and it may be a little slow to load), click the 'Play' button.
  • There are two pictures side-by-side.
  • Your goal is to find, and click on, the 5 differences in each picture as quickly as you can.
  • When you click on a difference, the difference will disappear from one of the pictures. (Either something will be added, or something taken away, from one of the pictures to make them the same in that particular spot).
  • Score 5 points for each difference you click on.
  • Lose 5 points for clicking anywhere other than on a difference.
  • Score time bonus points for finishing a round early. (There is no time limit in Isis. Meaning that you will be able to finish your game no matter how long it may take you).
  • If you should get stuck, use the hint bar located at the lower right corner. (Points will not be deducted for using the hints.)
  • There are three buttons on the hint bar: Small, Medium, and Big.
  • Click each individual button on the hint bar to get a hint.
  • The hint bar fills from left to right. (The Big hint button is farthest to the right, so it takes the longest to get filled).
  • Each time you click a button on the hint bar, the hint bar will either be partially or fully depleted, depending on which button you use. (Using the Big hint button causes the hint bar to completely deplete. The Medium button causes it to partially deplete. While the Small button causes the hint bar to only deplete a little).
  • The Small hint button will cause a slight flicker on one of the differences. (You will have to be alert and look quickly, or you may miss it).
  • The Medium hint button will cause a slight wiggle on one of the differences. (Just like the Small hint, you will have to be alert and look quickly, or you could miss it).
  • The Big hint button will place a green box around one of the differences.
  • There are twelve picture sets for each game with a total of 60 differences to be found.
  • You final score is determined by your accuracy, and your quickness.
  • To replay Isis click the 'Play Again (New Differences)' button, and Isis will reset the game with new random differences for you to find!

Isis Game Options: The game options may be accessed either before you begin the game (from the initial game screen), or during the game by clicking the Pause - Options button located at the bottom of the game. The options are:
  • The music may be turned on or off.
  • The sounds may be turned on or off.

Isis Playing Tips:
  • When you use either the Small or Medium hint buttons you need to be alert. The Small hint will only produce a quick flicker on one of the differences. The Medium hint will only show a quick wiggle on one of the differences. Again, be alert. Because it is easy to miss both the Small and Medium hints.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: There are several things I like about Isis. First, and foremost, are the outstanding graphics, sounds and music. (I really enjoy the special effect when you find all 5 differences, and the page in the book is turned). Also outstanding is that each time you replay Isis the game sets up new random differences. This, of course, makes the game much more fun to play.

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