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Turn-Based games are games in which you and your opponent take turns playing. For most of these games your opponent will be the computer. For others, they are true multiplayer games where your opponent will be a real person! The true multiplayer games are marked by an asterisk after their names. Click the following link if you would like to see my complete list of multiplayer games.

Castle Wars 2
Spark Chess
Play an exciting match 3 game against a human opponent in real-time! Destroy your enemy's castle, or be the first to build a 100 storey castle. Crush, or be crushed! Play chess against any of three imaginary computer opponents.
Flash Chess
Navy Battles
Play chess against the computer. Take turns against the computer, and find all of the enemy ships before they find yours. Play checkers against the computer.
Hearts Card Game
Ether of Magic Cards
Crystal Battle
Play the card game of hearts against 3 computer opponents. You, a skillful wizard, will battle against numerous magical enemies. Battle the computer in an exciting turn-based Match 3 game!
Galleon Fight
Gin Rummy
Use your cannons to battle enemy pirate ships. It's sink, or be sunk! Play the popular game of Gin Rummy against the computer. Can you beat the computer? Choose from three difficulty levels.
Big Shot Checkers
Battleships General Quarters
Stop The Bus
This game plays like regular checkers, but with a huge twist: the Big Shot! Play the classic game of battleships against the computer! Try to get your cards to add up to 31, or as close to 31 as you can.
Intergalactic Battleships
4 Balls
Chess Master 2
Play the game of battleships, but set in outer space! A Connect 4 clone. Get 4 balls in a row before the computer can! Play chess against the computer.
Ultimate Chess
Bird Pax
Play against the computer in this entertaining, and uniquely animated chess game. Fight nine different villains in an exciting, turn based, Match 3 adventure game! Play the bigger card to win a trick. Win enough cards to get to the next level.
Flash Checkers 3
Marine Puzzle
Play a game of checkers against the computer. Standard checkers rules apply. Battle enemy pirate ships in an exciting Match 3 game!

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