Pac Adventure Dracula's Castle

Game Description: Dracula has stolen Pacman's girlfriend. Pacman must now enter Dracula's castle and rescue his girlfriend. Your job is to assist Pacman!

How to Play Pac Adventure Dracula's Castle:

  • Click the 'new game' button.
  • Type your name in the box where it says 'enter your name'. (You will need to enter a name in case you wish to come back later and resume your saved game). Any name, even a made up name, a first name, or just an initial will do. It doesn't really matter. (The name you enter will only show up on your personal computer. So, nobody else will see it).
  • Click the 'start game' button.
  • Use the 4 arrow keys to contol Pacman.
  • Avoid Dracula's bats, ghosts and so forth. Also, avoid spikes and other things that will harm Pacman.
  • Collect useful things from each room. Collect diamonds and other things to build points. Be sure to collect elixirs, garlic, and the holy rood to defeat Dracula. Also collect colored keys to open locks.
  • Each room has a colored lock at each of its exits. (Some rooms may have more than one exit). You may only open a lock, and advance to the next room, if you currently have in your possession a previously collected matching colored key. For example, you may only open a red lock with a red key. (Once a lock is unlocked, it remains unlocked for the entire game. Also, each key can only be used one time).
  • As you play, look at the bottom of the game screen. Here you will find specific information. You can see how many red, blue, and green keys you currently have in your possession. You can see how many red, blue, and green elixirs you have collected. There are 35 of each. You can also see how many garlics you have collected. There are a possible 220 garlics to collect.
  • You can always go back and reenter a room to collect more items.
  • Pac Adventure Dracula's Castle does not use a game clock. So, you can take your time and explore each room thoroughly.
  • Pacman begins the game with 5 lives. (Each life is represented by the 5 red hearts at the upper right corner of the game screen).
  • Each time Pacman runs into a baddie, or anything else that harms him, he loses one life and one of his red hearts will go dim.
  • The game ends, and you lose, when Pacman loses all of his lives.
  • How do you win? To be perfectly honest, I do not know the answer to that rather significant question. My gaming skills are somewhat limited. So, I can only get through a few rooms. I have no idea how many rooms there are or how the game actually ends. This is just a guess on my part, but I would think at the end of the game perhaps there is a final confrontation with Dracula himself? Again, this is pure speculation on my part. I certainly wish I knew how the game ends so I could clue you in. Perhaps somebody can get to the end, and let everyone know how they did it, and how the game ends, by posting a comment in the box below?
  • If you just finished a game and want to begin a new game, it is important that you first refresh the page. If you do not refresh the page, certain elements of the game will not load probably. After refreshing the page, click the 'New Game' button to begin a new game.
  • This game does not save automatically. You will have to manually save it. To save your game, first click the wrench tool (lower right) and then click 'Save Game'. When you wish to resume your game, come back to Richard's Game Reviews and click the 'Load Game' button. Then select your saved game from the list of saved games. (If you have saved more than one game, all of the games you have previously saved will be listed. Even the games you have lost. You may have to use the up and down arrows on the Load Game box to scroll through the list to find your latest game. Each saved game has its own date and time, so this should not be difficult). I am certain, although I have not personally verified this, that you will need to be on the same computer to resume your game. And, as I always say in these types of situations, I cannot make any personal guarantee that your game will save properly, but hopefully it will.
  • There is one more thing I would like to mention, and that is this. When I play Pac Adventure Dracula's Castle on Internet Explorer I often have a lot of trouble getting Pacman to move with the arrow keys. Sometimes, he goes too fast and won't stop until he hits a wall. Sometimes, he goes too slow. And sometimes he gets stuck and will not move at all. I have also played the game on Google Chrome and Firefox and I have not had any of these types of problems whatsoever. Of course, I realize that this could simply be a problem with my own computer. There could be a lot of different reasons for this, and hopefully you will not have problems playing this game on Internet Explorer. But, I still feel obligated to mention my own experience.

Pac Adventure Dracula's Castle Game Options:
  • Click the wrench tool (lower right) to adjust the music and sound volume.

Pac Adventure Dracula's Castle Playing Tips:
  • Exit each level slowly. This will allow you to enter the next level slowly. If you enter a level too fast, many times you will run right into a baddie. So, be careful.
  • Sometimes Pacman has to push objects, such as crates, out of his way so he can get to an area where he needs to get to.
  • Make sure you collect all of the colored keys. Look carefully. Sometimes keys can be tucked away in obscure places. So, you may not see them at first glance. Keys are important because you need them to unlock exits, and get to the next room.
  • This is a game that you need to play over and over. Each time you play it, you will find out new information and gain more experience that will help you the next time you play.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: From what I have been able to tell, so far, this game looks rather fun. It would have been nice, perhaps, if the game came with a few more instructions. However, as with many adventure games, it is up to each player to discover how the game is played. I guess that is why they call it an adventure, isn't it?

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