Fishdom 2

Game Description: Play Match 3 games, earn money, and build your virtual aquarium.

How to Play Fishdom 2:

  • If this is your first time playing Fishdom 2, or if you haven't played in a while, click 'Yes' when the game asks if you would like to see a quick tutorial. The tutorial is short, yet informative. It will explain the basic concept of the game and help you get started.
  • There are two different game modes you can play. You can play relaxed mode with no timer (this mode is very convenient, but not nearly as much fun in my opinion), or you can play timed against the clock which is the option I recommend for everyone. Here's why. It is a lot more fun to play against the clock and even if you fail, the game really doesn't penalize you. You simply repeat the level again.
  • For each level you will play a Match 3 game. (If you are not familar with the term Match 3, let me briefly explain. The idea of Match 3 is to line up 3 or more identical pieces either across or up and down. You will do this by swapping the positions of two adjacent pieces by either clicking each piece individually or by using a dragging motion. The pieces will only swap positions if there is a resulting match of 3 or more. If there is no match nothing will happen, and you will simply try again).
  • Should you take too long to make a move Fishdom 2 will suggest a move by displaying double red sliding arrows. Please remember, this is simply a random move. It may, or may not be, a good move. Look around. You may find something better.
  • In Fishdom 2 you goal is to create matches over golden tiles to collect them. The level is complete when all the golden tiles have been cleared. (If you are playing the timed mode against the clock you will see the timer, which looks like a tube filled with green liquid, along the right hand side of the game. You will need to complete the level before the tube runs dry. Should you fail, you may simply repeat the level as many times as you need until you succeed).
  • Depth Bomb -- You earn a Depth Bomb by making a match of 5 pieces. When the Depth Bomb is exploded it will destroy all pieces within a radius of 2 tiles. To explode a Depth Bomb simply make a match over it.
  • Firecracker -- This explosive appears only as a result of a cascade match of 6 or more falling pieces and cannot be earned by a player's match. It destroys all pieces within a radius of 1 tile. To explode a Firecracker simply make a match over it.
  • Dynamite Charge -- This device destroys all pieces within a radius of 3 tiles. It is earned by a match of 6 pieces. To ignite the Dynamite charge simply make a match over it.
  • A single locked piece -- To break the lock, bring the other matching pieces to the locked piece.
  • A double locked piece -- Bring the other matching pieces to the locked piece to break the first lock. Do it again to break the second lock.
  • Silver Tiles -- To collect Silver tiles you must match over it two times. The first match will turn the tile to gold. The second match will collect it.
  • After each level look in your tank. You may spot some gems. Collect them to earn some extra money. (If the plants, or other objects are in your way, simply drag them with your mouse).
  • Click on the eye icon located at the upper left corner to pause the game and enjoy the views of the underwater world. To resume play, click anywhere on the game screen.
  • After some levels there will be a Bonus level. For Bonus levels you will collect gems to get a unique bonus for your tank. This may be a fish, or sometimes a lot of extra cash. It will be necessary to sometimes drag plants and other objects out of your way to find some of the gems. The number of gems to collect is listed at the top of the game screen. When you collect all of the required gems, you will receive your bonus item.
  • At the end of each level you will have the option to spend the money you have earned at the shopping area. Any money left unspent will carry over to future levels.
  • The shopping area has 3 tabs: Fish, Beauty (things like plants), and Comfort (things that will make your fish feel more comfortable like filters and heaters, for example). Notice that at the ends of each tab there is a right and left arrow. Click on these arrows for more items to buy.
  • There are 3 meters near the upper right corner. These are also labeled: Fish, Beauty, and Comfort and correspond to the 3 shopping tabs. As you purchase items from the 3 shopping tabs these 3 meters will fill from left to right. When all 3 meters are filled to 100% capacity you will earn a cup. The first cup you will earn is the Bronse Cup. The second cup you will earn is the Silver Cup, and so forth. (Hint: After you earn your Bronse Cup Fishdom 2 will tell you that you have just earned your first cup and to continue playing to start earning your next cup... the Silver Cup. After you click the 'OK' button, you will probably need to click the 'Back' button located at the upper left corner to continue your game).
  • After you complete some levels the game will ask if you want to download the full version of the game. If you only want to play for free, click the 'Continue' button and just keep playing.
  • This free demo version of Fishdom 2 has 20 levels of play.
  • Fishdom 2 should save your game automatically as long as you use the same computer. (If you are an experienced Match 3 player you probably should be able to complete all 20 levels in about an hour). To resume your saved game, click the 'Play' button and just start playing where you left off previously.

Fishdom 2 Game Options: All of the game options are accessed by clicking the 'Menu' button located in the upper right corner. The options are:
  • The game mode may be set to Relaxed mode (check the box), or play against the clock (uncheck the box).
  • The sound may be adjusted.
  • The music may be adjusted.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: For the experienced Match 3 player, Fishdom 2 is probably more relaxing than challenging. Even so, it is still enjoyable.

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