Chinese Gem Quest

Game Description: A unique match 3 game with a twist! Instead of creating matches of 3 or more by swapping gems, you shoot at them!

How to Play Chinese Gem Quest:

  • Move the Chinese pot back and forth with your mouse along the bottom of the game screen.
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot the colored gem from the pot.
  • Your goal is to create matches of 3 or more gems of the same color to destroy them. Make sure to stop the gems from entering the Beacon tower!
  • You have 5 minutes to destroy all gems. If you are able to destroy all gems before any of the gems enter the Beacon tower and before time runs out you will progress to the next level. If you fail, the game is over!

Chinese Gem Quest Game Options:
  • The music and sound effects may be turned on or off by clicking on the two icons located at the upper right corner of the game screen.
  • The music and effects volumes may be adjusted by clicking on the Menu button located at the lower right corner of the game screen.

Chinese Gem Quest Playing Tips:
  • Make sure your mouse cursor remains within the game screen. If your cursor goes off of the game screen (which can easily happen during the excitement of this game!) you will be unable to shoot your gem.
  • Sometimes the gem in the pot does not have a clear shot at two adjoining gems of the same color. There are three things you can do. One option would be to wait until you do have a clear shot. (Only use this option if the wait will be very short.) A second option would be to fire at a gem of the same color. Now you have two adjoining gems for that color. The next time this colored gem appears in the pot you may be able to shoot this group of two. A third option exists if you have a clear path to the top of the game screen without any gems blocking your way to the top. In that case, simply slide the pot and fire toward the top of the game screen. The gem will exit through the top of the game screen and not add to the number of gems you need to destroy.
  • Look for combinations. For instance, if you have the following sequence of gems: purple, purple, red, red, purple, and purple; you could fire a red gem at the two adjoining red gems and all 6 gems will be destroyed! (Your shot would take out the 2 red gems because the red gem you fired from the pot creates a match of 3 red gems. And, the 2 purple gems to the left of the 2 red gems would join with the 2 purple gems to the right, forming a combination of 4 purple gems.) Once you become a little bit experienced with Chinese Gem Quest you will easily learn how to recognize these combinations.
  • Sometimes you may encounter a situation where there are a few straggler gems separated from the pack by a large distance. Do not take out these straggler gems first. If you take out the straggler gems first the remaining advanced gems will start moving immediately. If you leave them, it will give you extra time to attack the more advanced gems because the more advanced gems will not move until the straggler gems catch up to the rest of the pack.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: Chinese Gem Quest is a delight! This game is fast-paced but still gives you enough time to think. I really like the fact that there are different maze patterns. This makes the game that much more interesting and fun.

Con: This game may occasionally have technical problems. Should you run into any serious technical issues you will unfortunately have to restart the game.

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