Basket Ball A New Challenge

Game Description: Make 30 trick basketball shots!

How to Play Basket Ball A New Challenge:

  • Once the game fully loads, click the 'Enter' button on the game screen.
  • You will now see the 'Select Level' screen.
  • There are 30 levels of play.
  • If this is your first time playing Basket Ball A New Challenge, only Level 1 will be unlocked. So you would begin by playing Level 1.
  • Each time you complete a level, by throwing the ball in the basket, that level will become permanently unlocked. That is, as long as you use the same computer, and come back here to Richard's Game Reviews. So if you wanted to, if you should come back later, you could begin your play on any unlocked level.
  • Once you select your starting level, you are ready to take your first shot. Start by pressing the left mouse button anywhere on the game screen.
  • Drag the mouse pointer to a direction. The arrow will show you the amount of power and angle.
  • Release the mouse to throw the ball in the desired direction.
  • You begin the game with 1,000 points.
  • You will earn 1,000 points each time you make a basket.
  • If you clear a level in one shot, 1,000 bonus points will be added to your total score.
  • If you take more than one shot to clear a level, no bonus will be calculated for that level, and 200 points will be deducted for each missed shot. (Should your score go all the way down to zero, no further deductions will be made for missed shots until you get back again, above zero).
  • Remember you earn points when you make a basket, and you lose points when you miss. So your total score is based on all of your made, and missed shots.

Basket Ball A New Challenge Game Options:
  • The game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the microphone icon located near the upper right corner on the 'Main Menu' game screen, which is the first screen you will see after the game loads. So if you do not take this one opportunity to turn off the game sounds, your only other alternative, while playing a game, is to turn down the speakers on your computer. The reason I say this is because you cannot return to the 'Main Menu' screen without quitting your game and losing your score.
  • As far as I can tell, the 'Reset' button does not seem to work. Each time I click it, nothing seems to happen.

Basket Ball A New Challenge Playing Tips:
  • Plan your shots. This is a game of power and angles.
  • Carefully watch the shots that don't make it. You can get a better idea of what might work.
  • Sometimes after I click the 'Quit' button, and then get back to the 'Select Level' screen, the game will occasionally become unresponsive. If this should occur, simply refresh your page and let the game reload.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: Basket Ball A New Challenge is fun, when that shot finally goes in!

Con: Basket Ball A New Challenge can be somewhat frustrating when you get stuck on a level.

Play on Full Screen

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