Turkey Shooter 3D

Game Description: Have fun shooting some turkeys!

How to Play Turkey Shooter 3D:

  • Click 'Play'.
  • Click 'Start Game'.
  • Click 'Proceed'.
  • Click 'Proceed' again.
  • Click 'Hell Yeah'.
  • Use your arrow keys to find turkeys.
  • Each time you click the Up arrow you zoom in, but you get a narrower view.
  • Each time you click the Down arrow you zoom out, but you get a wider view.
  • Click the left arrow to scroll left.
  • Click the right arrow to scroll right.
  • Move your mouse to position the cross hair on a turkey.
  • When you have a turkey within the cross hair click your left mouse button to shoot.
  • The number of turkeys you have left to shoot for each level are displayed at the upper left corner of the game screen. Shoot all turkeys to advance to the next level.
  • The number of shots you have missed in a row are displayed at the upper right corner of the game screen. Be careful! If you miss 5 shots in a row... it's game over.
  • Turkey Shooter 3D has 8 levels of play.

Turkey Shooter 3D Playing Tips:
  • Sometimes the turkeys will hide behind trees, bushes, or rocks. Be patient. Wait until you can get a clear shot.
  • Use your 4 arrow keys to get the best shot possible. With a little practice, you will be able to zoom behind the trees, bushes, and rocks.
  • When zooming in or out it is not necessary to use individual clicks. To zoom in or out faster, press and hold down the up or down arrow key until you reach your desired zoom. Then release.
  • Sometimes you will hear a turkey before you will see it. Know that when you hear a turkey, there is one nearby.
Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: The best feature of Turkey Shooter 3D is the arrow keys. It is so fun to zoom in and zoom out. The 3D effect is nice, and the sounds are quite good. Even though it is rather easy to get through all 8 levels, Turkey Shooter 3D is still quite a fun game to play.

Con: Turkey Shooter 3D would have been more exciting if each level had a time limit of, say, 60 or 90 seconds.

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