Fish Ball

Game Description: Kill all of the fish with the bouncing ball.

How to Play Fish Ball:

  • All of the fish and one ball are inside the wheel.
  • Rotate the wheel with mouse movement.
  • When the ball hits a fish, the fish dies!
  • The more fish you kill, the higher your total score!
  • Kill all of the fish to advance to the next level!
  • You begin the game with 1 ball, plus 5 extra balls, for a total of 6 balls.
  • You lose a ball when the ball escapes through one of the wheel openings.
  • The game ends when you have lost your last ball.
  • To replay the game, click the 'Game Over' button.

Fish Ball Game Options:
  • The sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the microphone icon located at the lower right on the game screen.
  • Pause the game by clicking the 'Pause' button located on the right side of the game screen. To resume, click the 'Continue' button.

Fish Ball Playing Tips:
  • To rotate the wheel you must keep your mouse pointer within the main area of the game screen... the part that looks like water.
  • The first 2 levels are just for practice. (You cannot lose a ball on levels 1 or 2 because the wheel has no openings).
  • The best strategy is to play cautiously. Instead of concentrating on hitting the fish, it is better to mainly concentrate on not losing the ball through one of the openings. (Since there is no time limit on a level, if you keep the ball in play you will eventually eliminate all of the fish).
  • Be careful! When a ball hits a jellyfish, or a fish, the ball will change direction.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Comments: Fish Ball is a fun game to play with clever graphics.

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