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This page has another 30 arcade games for you to play. There are two pacman type adventure games. The first one is Pac Vs Alien. An alien has kidnapped Pacman's girlfriend. Can you help rescue her? There are 15 levels, each with a mini-game to play. The other Pacman adventure game is Pac Adventure Dracula's Castle. In this game, the evil Dracula has stolen Pacman's girlfriend and is holding her in his castle. (Maybe Pacman should keep a closer eye on that girl! lol.) This page also features two other arcade classics: Bejeweled and Zuma Ball. Finally, there is Bricks Breaking, a game where you must destroy all of the bricks before any reach the top.

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Just Shut Up and Drive
Freddy's Fishing Fun
Formula Racer
It's a race! Overtake your rivals and finish the race before time runs out. Help Freddy catch enough fish to get to the next level. Race against 23 other cars on 8 different tracks.
Blackbeard's Assault
Show Jumping
Pac Adventure Dracula's Castle
Help Blackbeard avenge his father and defeat the sea serpent. Ride a horse and jump over obstacles to complete each course. Help Pacman rescue his girlfriend from Dracula's Castle.
Bike Master
Bubble Town
Springo Bingo Deluxe
Go off-roading at your own risk in this biking game adventure. Make matches and knock out all Borbs before any reach the danger zone. Use your Match 3 skills to rack up as many points as you can in just 3 minutes!
Bricks Breaking
Wheel to Spin
Destroy all the bricks by clicking them in groups of the same color. This word game is based on the popular game show "Wheel of Fortune". Play the classic Match 3 game that has captivated, and entertained, millions of people!
Saucer Shootin 1.5
Crystal Battle
Zuma Ball
Can you shoot down the alien saucers before they overrun your trailer park and abduct you? Battle the computer in an exciting turn-based Match 3 game! Shoot balls to remove them before they reach the exit.
Street Sesh 2 Downhill Jam
Street Luge
Help Joe, and his grandson, restore their farm by playing games. Perform awesome skateboarding tricks on a downhill course. Use your skills to collect points. Race your luge against the clock on three amazing tracks.
Street Sesh
Extraction Reaction
Perform awesome skateboarding tricks in a realistic 3D street setting! Test your hand-eye coordination in this game of surgical precision. Free the trapped Blobs by clicking groups of them to make them disappear.
Pac vs Alien
Collapse It
Play 15 different games to help Pac free his girlfriend and punish the Alien. Fight nine different villains in an exciting, turn based, Match 3 adventure game! Kill each person by placing your bombs strategically on each structure.
Block Blaster
Bashing Pumpkins
Zuma Mania
Shoot blocks to destroy groups of three or more. Pumpkins are popping up all over the world! How many can you bash? Destroy all of the balls by making groups of 3 or more.
The Island: Castaway
Zone of War
Wild West Treasures
You are shipwrecked on an island with four other castaways. Can you survive? You are under attack! Defend your base through fourteen enemy waves. Click a group of three or more bricks of the same color to make them disappear.

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