Game Description: Play Pinball in this realistic simulation themed around a computer motherboard.

How to Play Pinball:

  • You begin the game with, 5 balls on the Easy difficulty level or 3 balls on the Normal difficulty level.
  • Hit the targets to earn extra balls and collect points.
  • The left arrow key controls the left flipper. The right arrow key controls the right flipper.
  • Launch a ball by pressing your Enter key.

Pinball Game Options: If you are not already at the main menu screen, first click the Main Menu button located at the upper right corner of the game screen to get back to the main menu. Then, click the Options button to set the game options. The game options are as follows:
  • Difficulty may be set to Easy or Normal.
  • Sounds may be turned On or Off.
  • Music may be turned On or Off.
  • Language may be set to English or Spanish.

Pinball Playing Tips:
  • Try to hit the balls with the end of the flipper to gain more power on your shots. This will allow the ball to go higher and reach the targets.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: Pinball is pure simple pleasure!

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