Deluxe Pacman

Game Description: Deluxe Pacman is a remix of the famous arcade game, Pacman.

How to Play Deluxe Pacman:

  • You begin the game with 2 extra lives.
  • Use the 4 arrow keys to move Pacman.
  • You may exit the maze through the opening on each side and reenter on the opposite side.
  • If you eat a Power Pill, you can eat the ghosts! (But, only for a while).
  • Occasionally, a fruit appears which gives you a bonus score when eaten.
  • Gobble up all of the dots to advance to the next level.

Deluxe Pacman Game Options: The game options are accessed by clicking the Controls button located on the main game screen and are as follows:
  • P: Pause/Unpause Game
  • Q: Quit Game
  • M: Sound On/Off
  • L: Low Quality On/Off (choose low quality if Pacman is running slowly).

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: Deluxe Pacman is a little easier than regular Pacman. The ghosts are a little slower and not as 'smart.' If have trouble advancing to level 2 with regular Pacman, you may want to play Deluxe Pacman instead... or, at least until you improve.

Con: If you are a good Pacman player you may find Deluxe Pacman too easy.

Other Games: If you enjoy Deluxe Pacman you may also want to play Pacman or Ms. Pacman.

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  1. hi
    if you make option to let the player begin form the level he wants or option that save the last player level that greet and may be this pacman game no 1

    please send us the last news about this game

  2. To Anonymous,

    It would certainly be nice if I could change a game and make the changes I wanted. I am sure everyone has ideas to make every game better. Unfortunately, this is just wishful thinking. As a game publisher, I can only publish the games as they are. Just like you, I cannot change the game.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews