Golf Master 3D

Game Description: Play 18 holes of golf in a realistic game setting.

How to Play Golf Master 3D:

  • Click the 'New Game' button.
  • Select the direction of your shot by clicking on the left or right yellow arrows.
  • Select your club by clicking on the club button at the bottom of the game screen. (From the pop up menu select: Driver, Wood 5, Iron 5, Iron 7, Iron 9, Sand Wedge, or Putter).
  • Click the 'Strike' button and hold down your left mouse button to adjust the power of your shot. Release the mouse to shoot.
  • When your ball lands out of bounds, or in the water, you lose a shot, and you must replay the shot from the previous spot.
  • There are 18 holes to play. Par is 84.
  • Your goal, of course, is to complete the 18 holes using as few shots as possible.

Golf Master 3D Playing Tips:
  • Use the map on the right as your guide. This map shows the entire hole from tee to green including trees, sand traps, and water hazards. Watch the white arrow on this map. This shows the direction of your next planned shot. Also, use this map to watch the progress of your ball after you take each shot. Using this map will help you plan your next shot; including club selection, direction, and strength of shot.
  • The wind direction and wind speed change with each shot. (You can read the wind information at the upper right corner of the game screen). Do take the wind speed and direction into account when planning your shot because they will affect the flight of your ball.
  • When you are in a sand trap, sometimes the Wood 5 may be a better choice of club than the Sand Wedge.
  • When you are on the putting green use the yellow arrows to rotate your golfer. This allows you to can see the hole and line up your shot.

Richard's Rating: 5 out of 5.

Comments: Golf Master 3D is absolutely terrific! It is the most realistic golf game I have here on Richard's Game Reviews. It is truly a wonderful addition to my site!

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