Ring Pass Not II

Game Description: Match tiles by either color or symbol to complete a safe magic circle.

How to Play Ring Pass Not II:

  • There are 3 modes of play. Two of these modes are available for the free version of the game, which is the version I have here. 'Classic Mode' is for first-time players. 'Instense Mode' is for experienced players. Hint: Do yourself a huge favor, and begin with 'Classic Mode.' Believe me, 'Classic Mode' will be incredibly challenging when you get to the advanced levels of play. (Please Note: The 'Survival Mode' is locked. It is only available for the paid download premium version, and not the free version of the game that I have here).
  • 4 tiles are dealt at the beginning of each level. You will also see a ring with 8 outer sockets.
  • Use your mouse to drag 8 tiles into the ring, one at a time, placing each tile in an outer socket. (As you place each tile in the ring, a new tile becomes available. You will see the available tiles on the left side of the game screen).
  • Each tile has two wings. Each wing has both a color and a symbol.
  • A triangle inside the ring is called a limiter. Limiters have specific requirements that must be followed when placing your tiles. Limiters are positioned so they always affect two adjacent tiles, and not just a single tile. The requirements of a limiter are varied. For instance. A limiter may require that the wings of the two tiles be the same color, or be the same symbol. Sometimes a limiter may require that the wings of the two tiles be a specific color, or be a specific symbol.
  • Your goal is to complete a safe magic circle by matching the wings of each tile with each adjacent tile in either color or symbol, or both. You must also meet the requirements of the limiters.
  • Once a tile is placed in the ring, it becomes part of the ring and cannot be removed. (Unless you have gained access to a 'RB'... a Red Bomb bonus tool, which does have the power to remove a tile from the ring).
  • Anytime before you place the last tile in the ring, you may rearrange the tiles within the ring by dragging them with your mouse. This flexibility can help you find a solution as new tiles are dealt on the left.
  • If you get stuck you can click the 'Deal Button'. (The 'Deal Button' actually does not look like a button at all. It looks like a blue urn. You will see it directly under the available tiles on the left). The first click deals you 3 new tiles. The second click deals 2. The third, and final click, deals 1.
  • You will see magic tools called 'Bonus Tools' at the bottom of the game screen. 'Bonus Tools' can help you win a level. A 'Bonus Tool' is available if it is lit up. If a 'Bonus Tool' is dimmed, this means it is not currently available. ('Bonus Tools' become available when you make special combinations and earn bonus points). Hover your mouse over each bonus tool to read what it does. To use a 'Bonus Tool' first click on the tool. Then, click on a tile. If you click on a 'Bonus Tool' and then change your mind, and decide you do not want to use it afterall, click anywhere in a blank area of the game screen to cancel.
  • After you successfully complete a level, you must click the glowing 'Cast' button in the center to advance to the next level of play.
  • Ring Pass Not II has 40 levels.
  • You get 3 lives. Each time you fail a level you lose a life. Should you fail a level the game will ask if you want to surrender. Click 'Yes'. Then, click 'Replay level' should you have any lives remaining and Ring Pass Not II will allow you to replay the level you just lost. (If you have lost all 3 lives, you will have to start a new game and start at a score of zero. This does not necessarily mean, however, that you must start again at level 1. Depending on your game progress Ring Pass Not II may allow you to begin your new game on either level 11, or level 21.
  • To save your game, click the 'Menu' button located at the lower right corner of the game screen. Then, click 'Quit and Save.' (Hopefully, this will save your game successfully and you can come back later and continue where you left off).

Play Ring Pass Not II on Full Screen

Please Note: Before playing Ring Pass Not II in Full Screen mode, you may want to take a moment, or two, to read my review. Then, after playing your game, simply click the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Ring Pass Not II Game Options: You will find all of the game options near the lower right corner of the game screen. They are rather small, so look carefully. Here are the options:
  • Click the musical note icon to turn the game sounds on or off.
  • If you are color blind, click the color blind icon to replace colors with color-blind friendly textures.
  • The question mark icon turns the hover tips on or off. (Hint: You will absolutely want to leave the tips turned on).

Ring Pass Not II Playing Tips:
  • If this is your first time playing Ring Pass Not II, definitely play the 'Classic Mode.' Believe me. This game is not that easy. I doubt anyone, when they are still learning the game, will successfully get through all 40 levels on their first attempt. Later, if you get really good, you can then play the 'Intense Mode.'
  • When you place a tile incorrectly, that is, the wing of the tile does not match the adjacent tile wing or the tile disobeys the limiter; Ring Pass Not II will let you know by giving a warning sound, and an animation that resemebles black dust.
  • Before using the 'Deal Button' or any of your 'Bonus Tools', first try rearranging the tiles by dragging them to different positions within the ring. You must do this before putting the last tile in place. Once you put the last tile in place, no more rearranging of the tiles can be made. Many times it may seem that no solution is possible without using the 'Deal Button' or a 'Bonus Tool'. Only when you begin rearranging the tiles will a solution become apparent. If rearranging the tiles does not work, next try the 'Deal Button.' If the 'Deal Button' does not help you find a solution, then start using any of the available 'Bonus Tools.' (The reason you want to try to save your 'Bonus Tools' is because once they are used up, you may not get the same tool again for quite a while, if at all. So, it is important to conserve them as much as possible).
  • If you are not seeing the hover tips when you hover your mouse over the 'Bonus Tools' (these tips explain what each tool will do), click the question mark icon located near the lower right corner of the game screen to turn the hover tips back on.
  • Don't worry if you do not understand many of the rules. Ring Pass Not II does an excellent job of explaining everything as you go along. So, just start playing!

Richard's Rating: 5 out of 5.

Pro: If you want a tough mental challenge and want to excercise your mind, Ring Pass Not II is the perfect game for you. It is simply brilliant! Beautiful animations, wonderful music, and a delightful narration enhance the experience. Take the time to learn this fascinating game, and you will be amply rewarded. Overall, it is an outstanding game of the absolute highest magnitude!

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