Game Description: Help Joe, and his grandson, restore their farm by playing Match 3, hidden object, and other puzzle games in this farming adventure.

Please Note: What I have here is the free demonstration version of Farmscapes. After some levels you will be asked if you want to download a free trial of the full version game. If you would only like to play for free, just click the 'Continue' button and continue your free play here at Richard's Game Reviews. This free demo version has 20 levels of play.

How to Play Farmscapes:

  • After the game fully loads, click the button near the bottom where it says 'Click to Continue'.
  • When you see the 'Enter your Name' box, type in your name to replace the word Player. Then, click 'OK'. You don't need to type in your complete name. Your first name, or even your nickname, will do just fine. Typing in your name makes the game more interactive and entertaining because Farmscapes will reference your name at various points in the story as you play along.
  • After watching the introductory storyline, click the 'Play' button at the lower right corner.
  • There are two ways to play Farmscapes: Timed Mode (which is the default), and Relaxed Mode. With Timed Mode you will play against the timer. With Relaxed Mode you will play with no timer. If you wish to change the playing mode to Relaxed Mode, first click the green 'Menu' button located at the upper right corner. Then, click inside of the 'Relaxed Mode' box to put a checkmark in it. This will remove the timer at the right. (I definitely recommend that you do not change the mode to Relaxed Mode. Farmscapes gives you plenty of time to finish each level. In fact, if you are even slightly familar with Match 3 play you will probably never even be challenged by the timer at all. Even if you have never played Match 3 games before, leave the timer on. Because if you should run out of time, no harm is done. You can simply replay the level again, and again, as many times as you need).
  • The basic concept of Farmscapes is to play various puzzle games to earn money for Joe's farm.
  • The timer is at the right. (I hope you took my recommendation and left the game in Timed Mode!) The timer looks like a long tube. It is filled with a green liquid that drains from top to bottom. When the timer drains completely, time is up.
  • If you complete the task before time is up, you earn money to buy various things for Joe's farm. The amount of money you have is shown on the button near the upper right corner, just to the left of the green 'Menu' button.
  • To buy a farm improvement item click on one of the pictures at the bottom, just to the left of the 'Play' button. Then, select one of the options. (You can also click the green 'Design' button located at the upper left corner to switch to a mode where you can change any of the items you've purchased).
  • Mostly, you will play Match 3 games. (I have a list of the levels below, so you can see what type of game you will play on each level).
  • With most of the Match 3 games you will attempt to turn all gold squares to silver before time is up. You will do this by making matches over the gold squares by clicking on adjacent pieces to swap them.
  • A few of the Match 3 games are different. For these there will be no gold squares. Instead, you will need to make matches to collect specific farm vegetables. Watch the vegetable counter at the lower right corner. You goal here is to get the vegetable count down to zero before time is up.
  • There are 2 hidden object games thown in along the way. The hidden object games have no timer. Find all of the hidden objects to earn money for Joe's farm.
  • There is one other type of puzzle you will play, a click on the object type of game. You will be asked to find specific items on Joe's farm. There is no timer for this. Find all of the items to earn your money.
  • If you wish to leave, and finish your game later, Farmscapes should save your game automatically. To resume your saved game, just use the same computer as before and come back here to Richard's Game Reviews and pick up where you last left off.
  • The game ends when you complete all 20 levels of play.
  • If you should finish the entire game and would like to play again, follow these steps: 1. Click the 'Back' button. 2. Click the 'Continue' button. 3. Click the 'Menu' button. 4. Click the 'Restart button. 5. Click 'Yes'.

Here is the list of the 20 Farmscapes Free Demo Version Levels:
  • Level 1 --- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 2 --- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 3 --- Clicking Game -- Click on 44 chamomiles (the white flowers).
  • Level 4 --- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 5 --- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 6 --- Match 3 -- Collect 130 ears of corn.
  • Level 7 --- Hidden Object Game. Find the hidden objects.
  • Level 8 --- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 9 --- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 10 -- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 11 -- Clicking Game -- Click on 12 green beetles.
  • Level 12 -- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 13 -- Match 3 -- Collect 100 yellow peppers & 100 heads of lettuce.
  • Level 14 -- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 15 -- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 16 -- Hidden Object Game. Find the hidden objects.
  • Level 17 -- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 18 -- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.
  • Level 19 -- Clicking Game -- Click on 12 jars.
  • Level 20 -- Match 3 -- Turn all gold squares to silver.

Farmscapes Game Options:
  • Click the green 'Menu' button located in the upper right corner to adjust the sound volume, to adjust the music volume, to change the game mode, or to show or remove game hints. Click the 'Resume' button to continue your game.
  • Click the 'eye' near the upper left corner, just to the right of the 'Design' button, to pause the game so you can sit back and enjoy the view of your farm. Click anywhere on the game screen to resume.

Farmscapes Playing Tips for the Match 3 Games:
  • If you do not make a move in a while, Farmscapes will show you a move. This can sometimes be a good, or even a necessary move, especially at the beginning of a level. It can also be, and typically is, just a random suggested move.
  • A firecracker explodes four neighboring cells. To do this, use it to exchange places with any other piece, or simply double-click on it.
  • You will earn bombs for any combination of 5 or more. Don't miss out when you have a chance to earn one! A bomb blows up all of the pieces within a radius of two cells. To do this, use it to exchange places with any other piece, or simply double-click on it. Hint: To get the most use of your bombs, save them up until they're near several gold cells.
  • The Beehive is the most powerful bonus in the game. It can be obtained by detonating seven bombs and firecrackers during a single level. If you swap it with any piece, then the bees will gather all of the pieces of that kind from the board.
  • Hint: Don't be in too great of a hurry to use your beehive. Think carefully about what pieces would be best to clear from the board.
  • Use your bonuses wisely. They can help you remove critical boxes and pry into hard-to-reach places.
  • Some pieces are covered by a box. To remove the box, line up three identical pieces in a neighboring row.
  • Some pieces are frozen. To unfreeze it, align it with at least two other matching pieces.
  • You can always get help during the game by clicking on the question-mark button.
  • Levels become increasingly more complex, but you get more money for completing them.
  • For greater efficiency, start by making matches along the bottom of the board. Then, later work your way towards the top. This will cause the top pieces to fall, and sometimes to form matches by themselves.
  • You will earn more money for each level if you complete it as quickly as possible.
  • Your earnings depend not only on the number of gold boxes you clear, but also on the amount of time you spend on the level, and the amount of food you collect.

Farmscapes Playing Tips for the Hidden Object and Click on the Object Games:
  • Get stuck? Look to the lower right corner. Click on the hint jar to release the butterfly. Watch closely for the butterfly to give you a hint.
  • After you use the hint jar once, the hint jar will take a little bit of time to power back up. When the hint jar is ready to be used again, you will hear a chiming sound.
  • You can use the hint jar as many times as you need.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: The best feature of Farmscapes are the graphics and animations. They are truly outstanding! The games are very easy to win because you are given plenty of time. If you would like to play a game that is more relaxing, than challenging, I would certainly recommend this game.

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  1. I have completed all three farms and still need 2 trophies. I need "10 sticks of dynamite in one level" and the "golden lion for completing all 3 farms." Some other sites report there is a glitch in the original game that may prevent you from getting the "golden lion." I am still not sure what combination gives a stick of dynamite. Does anyone know ? Thanks

  2. Sticks of dynamite can be obtained by combining 7 matches of an item. 3 = object removed, 5 = a bomb or fireworks, 7 = dynamite.

  3. Yes, but it says one gets a trophy for "10" sticks of dynamite. The dynamite is shown in groups of 3. Working hard, I was able to get 5 groups of 3... but didn't get the trophy. Talk about frustrating. Am assuming I must get 10 groups of 3... or 30 sticks of dynamite in order to get the trophy for "10." Bummer.