Game Description: Solve Mystery Words with the help of color coded clues. Words get longer as the game progresses.

How to Play Wordspector:

  • Your task as a Wordspector is to solve Mystery Words with the help of color coded clues.
  • Enter a word using either the mouse or the keyboard.
  • After each submitted word you'll be presented with color coded clues. The clues reveal whether or not the letters in your word are found in the mystery word.
  • A GREEN letter means the letter appears in the mystery word, and the letter is in the correct position.
  • An ORANGE letter means the letter appears in the mystery word, but the letter is in the wrong position.
  • A BEIGE letter means the letter does not appear in the mystery word.
  • A BROWN letter is a given letter. The letter appears in the mystery word and is already in the correct position.
  • Create the subsequent words based on the clues, and the mystery word should expose itself before long.
  • Proper nouns, abbreviations, and misspelled words are illegal and will not be accepted.
  • The less time and fewer guesses you need to solve each word, the more points you'll get!
  • If the time in the hourglass runs out before you solve the Mystery Word you lose. However, you may retry the last level after losing as many times as you want.
  • On Bonus and Sunob levels you can forget about solving Mystery Words for awhile. Your goal is to create as many words... any words... that start with the given first letter. Each word is worth more than the previous word!
  • When the Hint button is charged up you may click it to reveal one letter you haven't figured out for yourself. But beware. Using the Hint button decreases the word value and also speeds up the hourglass giving you less time to solve the Mystery Word.
  • The game is saved automatically at the start of each level (Flash cookies must be enabled).
  • You can quit and continue the saved game at any time. However, if you make it through all 15 levels without quitting your score will be DOUBLED!

Wordspector Game Options:
  • Turn the music on or off by clicking the musical note icon located at the lower left corner.

Wordspector Playing Tips:
  • If you make a typing mistake, click the incorrect letter. The letter will disappear. Then, just type in a new letter rather than retyping the entire word.
  • Use the Hint button liberally. Even though you will lose points, and speed up the hourglass, it is still easier to get through the levels when you use the Hint button often.
  • Carefully watch the letters at the bottom. All letters at the bottom begin as beige letters. After you submit words, some letters turn to grey. Grey letters do not appear in the mystery word. Only the beige letters are in play. So, once a letter turns grey do not use that letter again.
  • As you attempt to solve each mystery word, begin by first trying the more common letters such as the letters: r, s, t, l, m, n, d and vowels: a, e, i, o, u... if they are available. This will increase your chances of success.
  • Remember, some mystery words use the same letter more than once.
  • There seems to be no pause button, at least as far as I can tell. If you want to pause the game, click the question mark located at the lower right corner. This will stop the hourglass from emptying. To resume play, click the 'Close' button.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: Wordspector is quite fun, with outstanding sounds and graphics!

Con: The big flaw with Wordspector is this. Often, there is enough time allowed to use the Hint button to reveal every single letter, one letter at a time. Then, just type quickly to enter the revealed mystery word before the hourglass runs dry. Although doing this is effective (at least as far as getting through the levels is concerned); it really does take the fun out of the game.

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