Game Description: Drop tiles to make groups of tiles that add up to the required number.

How to Play DropSum: DropSum has three modes of play: Basic Game, Timed Mode, and Arcade Mode. My review will only cover the Basic Game. Although I have played both the Timed and Arcade modes, I don't feel I have played them enough to give a through review. So, you can learn those two on your own.

  • Select from three modes of play: Basic Game, Timed Mode, or Arcade Mode. (Hint: Start with the Basic Game. Later, you can move on to the Timed or Arcade Mode which have their own special rules.)
  • Drop the tiles from one of the 7 columns with your mouse.
  • Your goal is to make groups of tiles that add up to the required number.
  • The bigger the tiles group, the more points you score. A group of 3 scores 81 points. A group of 4 scores 256 points and so on.
  • Here is the tile progression. A tile starts out as grey. Make one group with that tile and the tile becomes blue. Make two groups and the tile turns yellow. Make three groups and the tile turns red. It is spinning and ready to explode. Make four groups and the tile explodes and is removed from the board.
  • Pop a red tile to create chain combinations for big scores. (When a red spinning tile explodes it leaves a gap. As the tiles above fall to fill the gap additional groups can be formed creating a chain reaction.)
  • Collect stars. The more you collect, the bigger the star bonus will be.
  • Press 'P' to pause the game and take a break! Press 'P' again to resume.
  • In Basic Game mode the game ends when the entire board fills and there are no more groups to be formed.

DropSum Game Options:
  • The music and game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the two small icons located at the upper left corner of the game screen.

DropSum Playing Tips:
  • Anytime you have the opportunity to explode a spinning red tile do so. There are two reasons to do this. First, exploding the red tiles are what keep you in the game. Remember, the red tiles are the only tiles that can be removed from the board. Once the board fills up with tiles (in Basic Game mode) you lose. You must keep exploding the red tiles to make room for the new tiles you are constantly dropping unto the board. The second reason to explode the red tiles is this. As the other tiles drop down to fill the gaps left by the exploding red tiles this often leads to a huge chain reaction. Other groups are formed that add up to the required number. This can remove many tiles from the board at once which is exactly what you want.
  • Plan ahead. While luck will certainly help you some, the only way to be truly successful with DropSum is to plan ahead. Don't always think about how this tile can make a group, but more how this tile could lead to bigger things ahead.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: DropSum is one of those games that, at first glance, does not appear to be very interesting. But nothing could be further from the truth. DropSum is absoultely intriguing! While the Timed and Arcade modes are very good; my favorite mode, by far, is the Basic Game. The Basic Game allows you time to think and strategize. Whereas the Timed and Arcade modes force you to make quick decisions. Play DropSum at least three times and you will likely be hooked like I am. It really is that good.

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