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The main purpose of the What's New? pages is to tell you about any news, and any changes, here at Richard's Game Reviews. However, I also use these pages as sort of an online journal; and I sometimes talk about day-to-day things in my personal life too.

I don't post to these pages regularly, or follow any certain schedule. In fact, I have been known not to post here for weeks, and occasionally even for months at a time. As I said in my very first What's New? post, which appears directly below dated on September 25, 2010; I will post "as the spirit moves me." So, just check in here every once in a while to see if I have anything new to say.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I have created a new page for my site and, as you can see, I have named it What's New?. I won't be posting daily to the What's New? pages, but only occasionally "as the spirit moves me." Here, I will tell you about the changes I make to Richard's Game Reviews and maybe add a few personal touches. Nothing too personal, just life in general. Since I do not Twitter (at least not yet), I figure this is a good place to discuss things. So, let's get started.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Today was the hottest day in Los Angeles history... a scorching 113 degrees! I guess we were due for some heat after an unusally cool summer.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I finally noticed that about 4 of my games were down including the popular Jewel Quest game. I believe I have solved the problem and everything should be okay. This also gives me a chance to remind everyone that if you do notice that one of my games is down, or not working properly, I would appreciate it if you would send an email to me at With more than 160 games, it is too hard for me to monitor each game. It simply takes too much time. So, I would appreciate everyone's help!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Speaking of games being down, I had a teriffic new word game on my site named Word Sailing. The game worked fine for about 3 days and then it simply stopped working. Right now, I have not found a way to get it up and running. So unfortunately, for the time being, I had to remove Word Sailing from my site. But, I still would like to bring it back if possible.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I have installed a new 4 column footer on Richard's Game Reviews. I am really pleased with the way it turned out. (You will have to scroll all the way to the very bottom of the page to see it). In the first 3 columns you will see the 'Complete Game List' that has a link for every game I have here on Richard's Game Reviews. In the fourth column you will find a 'Categories' section. There, you will find all of the game categories I have here on Richard's Game Reviews. It was a lot of hard work, but well worth the effort.

Hi, this is Richard. Obviously this is an old post. I completely redesigned Richard's Game Reviews two times since this post was written. With my current design, which you are viewing now, I no longer use footer columns.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

BIG NEWS!!! I just added more than 30,000 games to Richard's Game Reviews! That is not a misprint. I really do mean thirty-thousand! How is this possible you may ask? All games are contained in one widget... the Heyzap game player. (You will have to scroll down to see it. You will find it on the left side of the page, just above my new footer). The great thing about this widget is that you can play any of the 30,000 games and still stay right here on Richard's Game Reviews. I feel this is a tremendous addition to my site... probably, the biggest change ever!

Hi, this is Richard once again. The Heyzap game player never caught on, and it is no longer here.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I also want to mention one particular feature about the Heyzap game player. After you click 'Play Now' and the player opens up, click the 'New Game' button at the upper right corner. On the next screen that comes up look at the upper right corner again. You will see a search box. Use this search box to look for any type of game you like. For instance, if you are a Match 3 fan like I am, type the words 'match 3' (without the quotation marks) in the search box and the Heyzap player will come up will all kinds of great Match 3 games for you to play. If you like card games type the word 'cards' and it will produce a great selection of card games. Or, maybe you like word games. Then, just type the word 'word', and so forth. With so many games to play, using the search box feature is the best way to find the games you want.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Have you encountered a 503 error? I have. Yesterday, after I installed my new Heyzap game player, I played quite a few games to test it out. Everything worked fine. This morning when I opened up my site, in the space where the game player should have been it said "HTTP Error 503 - Service Unavailable." I did a little research and here is what I found out. A 503 error is usually only a temporary thing. It is usually caused by a server being overloaded. So, basically, what this means is that there were too many people playing games on the Heyzap network so the service was temporarily interrupted. Fortunately, for you and me, the solution is simple: refresh the page on your web browser. If that doesn't work the first time, try refreshing the page a second or even a third time. In my own experience after I refreshed the page everything went back to normal. However, a few minutes later, as I was going from game to game the 503 error reoccurred. I refreshed the page one more time and everything worked fine from that point on. So, remember, if the Bonus Games (Heyzap) widget shows a 503 error, just refresh your page.

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