Whizz Wordz

Game Description: Try to spell as many words as possible in each category to get a top score... Are you a word whizz?

How to Play Whizz Wordz:

  • The game of Whizz Wordz consists of 8 rounds and 8 categories.
  • To begin a new round click on the green 'New Letters' button.
  • For each round, 16 random letters will be dealt from the bag.
  • Each round lasts 2 minutes. You have these 2 minutes to create as many words as possible.
  • Words are created by clicking on the letters. (To remove a letter from your word just click on the letter again.)
  • To complete a word, click on the 'Enter' button located near the lower right corner.
  • Words must be at least 3 letters in length to be valid, and found in the Whizz Wordz dictionary.
  • If the word is valid (found in the dictionary) scores will be added to the relevant categories and the word will be displayed in the list.
  • If the word is invalid (not found in the dictionary) no score will be awarded, and you simply must try again.
  • Each word can only be used once per round.
  • At the end of each round you will need to select which of the 8 categories to score. (You do this by simply clicking inside the box to the right of each category. This will place a green checkmark inside of the box, telling you that the category has been scored).
  • Each category can only be scored once. So choose carefully!
  • Once a score has been selected click on the 'New Letters' button to begin a new round.
  • Play ends after the 8th, and final round.

Play Whizz Wordz on Full Screen

Please Note: Before playing Whizz Wordz in Full Screen mode, you may want to take a moment, or two, to read my review. Then, after playing your game, simply click the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Whizz Wordz Game Categories: Here are the 8 Whizz Wordz categories. (In addition to these 8 categories you can score an extra 200 points in any round by completing an 8 letter word. This is called the Bonus 8. The Bonus 8 may only be scored one time per round).
  • 3 - Words with 3 letters.
  • 4 - Words with 4 letters.
  • 5 - Words with 5 letters.
  • 6+ - Words with 6 or more letters.
  • 20+ - To score in this category you must spell 20 or more words in a single round.
  • Slam - To score a slam you must use every letter at least once in a single round.
  • Straight - To score a straight you must have at least a 3, 4, and 5 letter word. Additional points can be scored for 6, 7, and 8 letter words.
  • Count - Simply score 5 points for every valid word.

Whizz Wordz Playing Tips:
  • There are two ways to play Whizz Wordz. One way is wrong. The other way is right. The first way would be to build all kinds of words willy-nilly. Then, after the round is over, decide which category to score. That is the wrong way! The second way... the right way... is this: As soon as you see the letters dealt for each round make an immediate decision within the first 5-10 seconds. Decide which category you will score... then go for it! For example, if you decide to go for the 5 letter word category then only concentrate on building 5 letter words. Remember, make a quick decision and stick to it. This allows you to concentrate on only one category at a time, which is precisely what you need to do to achieve a high score.
  • Anytime you have the letter 'S' available, take advantage and make plurals. For instance from the words rat, bat, and cat; make the words rats, bats, and cats.
  • Always try, if possible, to build an 8 letter word for each round regardless of which category you choose. This will give you an extra 200 points per round!
  • Although the game tells you that you may click the 'Help' button, located at the bottom left corner of the game screen anytime, to review the game rules; do not do this during game play. Because if you do, the clock will not stop and will continue to run down. So if you need to reread the rules, do this between rounds.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: If you enjoy word games, you should find Whizz Wordz quite fun.

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  1. I don't know what dictionary they use for this game but it sucks. Potatoes, nope won't take it. I think it's British from what I've seen. I do like what happens when you spell cow though.

  2. To Anonymous,

    I agree with you. It is certainly strange when you have a word that you know is perfectly fine, and it is rejected. I don't know what dictionary they use either, but let's not automatically blame the Brits! By the way, the same sound effect happens when you spell moo and beef. I wonder if there are other words associated with the word cow where this would happen?

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews

  3. farm,mad and bull will also do this

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for the information about farm, mad, and bull. For those of you who are wondering what we are talking about, there are certain words when spelled that trigger the sound effect of a mooing cow. You don't get any extra points for using these words, but it sure is fun to hear that cow!

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews

  5. Okay, so let's recap. So far we know that when you spell the words cow, moo, beef, farm, mad, and bull in the Whizz Wordz game you get the special sound effect of a mooing cow. Does anyone know if there are other words in Whizz Wordz, that will create a special sound effect? I wonder if there are other sound effects other than the mooing cow? Wouldn't that be cool? Anyway if you know of, or can discover, any additional words that trigger a sound effect in Whizz Wordz please do share by posting your comment below.


    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews