Game Description: Guess the mystery phrase. What is the capital of Mongolia? Or, how about the capital of Honduras? Who was born Shelton Jackson Lee? These are the types of things you will need to know, figure out, or guess at, as you play Wordomat.

How to Play Wordomat:

  • There are blank spaces representing each letter of the mystery phrase, separated into words.
  • For each puzzle you are given a category, or a clue.
  • Use your mouse to click on a letter from the letterboard at the top, that you believe is part of the mystery phrase.
  • You are allowed up to four wrong guesses. If you guess five wrong letters, you are deemed incorrect and your score (your percentage of correct answers) will go lower.

Wordomat Game Options:
  • The sound may be turned on or off by clicking the 'Sound On/Off' button at the bottom.
  • Made too many mistakes? Click the 'Restart' button, also located at the bottom to begin a new game.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Comments: Wordomat is, if nothing else, educational. You are bound to learn a new thing, or two.

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