Game Description: SwizzlePop is a fast-paced, boggle inspired, word action/puzzle game. Form words fast enough to prevent the bombs from exploding! Collect gold and silver squares to score extra points. How long can you last?

How to Play SwizzlePop:

  • Click the 'Play' button.
  • Click any letter to begin spelling a word.
  • Then, click on adjoining letters to form your word.
  • If you decide to try to form a different word, click any non-adjoining letter (that is, any letter that is not touching the previous letter), to begin a new word.
  • Each adjoining letter can be in any direction: top, bottom, left, right, or even diagonally (as long as the next letter is touching the previous letter in some way, even if it is at just a corner).
  • When your word is complete, click the last letter twice to submit it. (Or, press enter).
  • If your word is accepted, the letters will be removed from the board.
  • If your word is unacceptable you will hear a clicking sound, and you will need to try a different word.
  • Words must be at least 2 letters long.
  • You can use the same words as many times as you want, over and over again.
  • Silver squares double your word score.
  • Gold squares triple your word score.
  • Squares with a green arrow shift the squares in a new direction.
  • Watch out for faded squares. They won't stick around much longer. And they might turn into a bomb!
  • You begin the game with 3 lives. (Your lives are represented by the pink hearts in the upper right corner).
  • Your main goal is to diffuse bombs before they explode.
  • To diffuse a bomb, and get it off of the board, you must include its letter in one of your words.
  • Bombs start out as grey.
  • If you wait too long to diffuse a bomb, it will eventually turn to red and explode!
  • Each time a bomb explodes, you lose 1 life.
  • After you lose a life, you can regain a life by forming a word with a square that has a pink heart. (However, you are never allowed to have more than the 3 lives you begin the game with.)
  • The game ends when you lose your last life.

SwizzlePop Game Options:
  • Press 'p' to pause the game. Press 'p' again to resume.

SwizzlePop Playing Tips:
  • If you don't see any letters around a bomb that you can form a word with, try forming a word that has a letter with a green arrow on its square. This will shift the board around, and often place more favorable letters around the bomb.
  • Remember after you lose a life, you can regain a life by forming a word with a pink heart on its square.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: SwizzlePop is a lively, and challenging game. If you enjoy word games, you certainly should have fun with this one.

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