Word Master

Game Description: Eerie things are happening at the haunted house in Word Master. In this spell-binding online word game, help the young girl escape her nightmare by spelling as many words as you can with the given letters. Click on letters to add them to a word. Click submit when your word is finished. Find the 8-letter word for maximum points. Time is running out! Can you spell your way out?

How to Play Word Master:

  • For each level you are given 8 letters to form words.
  • Click letters with your mouse to spell words. When your word is finished click 'Submit.'
  • You may also use your keyboard to spell words. Press 'Enter' to submit a word. (Hint: If you know how to touch-type, using your keyboard will be much faster than using your mouse!)
  • Should you change your mind while forming a word, click 'Clear.' (If you are using your keyboard, you will also have to use your mouse to click 'Clear'. There seems to be no keyboard equivalent for Clear. At least none that I have been able to find).
  • Words must be at least 3 letters long.
  • The longer your word, the more points you will score!
  • Each level has a target score, and a time limit.
  • If you reach the target score before time runs out you go on to the next level.
  • If you fail to reach the target score... it's game over!
  • Bonus levels are played differently than the other levels. For bonus levels there is a time limit, but there is no target score. On bonus levels you are only allowed to spell 8-letter words, which earn you bonus points. If you are unable to spell any 8-letter words on a bonus level you will not earn any additional points. The sole purpose of the bonus level is to earn extra points. You cannot lose the game on a bonus level. It is a free level; meaning you will always go on to the next level.

Word Master Game Options:
  • The game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the sound icon located in the lower left corner.
Word Master Playing Tips:
  • If you know how to touch-type, use your keyboard. This will be much faster than using your mouse.
  • Use plurals. If you have the letter 'S' in your puzzle, use the plural form of words in addition to the singular form.
  • Look for common suffixes such as 'ED', 'ING', and 'NESS'. Adding suffixes to words can help you form longer words and score more points.
Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: There are several things I like about Word Master. For one thing, Word Master is neither too easy, or too hard. It strikes a nice balance. Another thing I like is that Word Master, unlike some word games, does not allow nonsense words. The words you spell have to be legitimate words. Overall, Word Master is challenging, but not too challenging, and rather fun. If you are a fan of word games, Word Master will probably be a game you will want to play over and over again.

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