Koala Checkers

Game Description: Play checkers against the computer.

How to Play Koala Checkers:

  • You are Green. The computer is White.
  • Watch the top of the game screen. When it says 'Your Turn to Move', you make the next move.
  • Move each piece by dragging it with your mouse.
  • The game will not force you to jump a piece even if you can.
  • Should you be able to jump more than one piece, Koala Checkers will give you a visible prompt and tell you that you can jump again.
  • The 'Play Again' and 'Reset' buttons do not work. Each time you want to play again you will need to refresh the page.

Richard's Rating: 2 out of 5.

Pro: Koala Checkers is easy to win. You are sure to win just about every game because the computer, quite frankly, is not very good. The fact that it is so easy to win makes it a great game-playing choice for kids. The game also features entertaining sound effects which adds to the fun.

Con: Koala Checkers is too easy to win. The computer, as I mentioned above, is not very good. Still, this can be a nice game to play if you just want something easy to relax with for a few minutes.

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