Chess Master 2

Game Description: Play chess against the computer.

How to Play Chess Master 2:

  • Click the 'Play Chess' button.
  • Your chess pieces are the blue pieces at the bottom. The computer's pieces are the red pieces at the top.
  • You move first.
  • Click on the piece you wish to move.
  • The board will light up, and show every possible move for the piece you have selected.
  • Should you change your mind, just click on another piece before completing your turn.
  • To complete your turn, click the square where you wish to move.
  • The game will allow you to castle, but only on the king's side. To castle on the king's side, first click your king. Then, click your king's side rook to complete the castling move. Chess Master 2 does not recognize castling on the queen's side.
  • Chess Master 2 also does not recognize the En passant move.
  • You and the computer take turns until someone wins, or the game ends in a draw.
  • To begin a new game, click the 'Reset Game' button.

Chess Master 2 Playing Tips:
  • Chess Master 2 moves its pieces very fast. So fast, in fact, you may not even see the move. Fortunately, Chess Master 2 nicely displays all moves made by you and the computer. First, look at the 'Move time' box in the upper right corner of the game screen. If it says 'YOU', then you know the computer has made its move. Now look in the 'LOGS MOVE' box. The computer's last move will be shown at the top of the list.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Comments: Chess Master 2 proves to be a decent chess opponent. It is probably equal to Flash Chess 3 in terms of difficulity and is definitely a superior opponent when compared to both Flash Chess and ZnemChess. Overall, it a nice chess game!

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  1. this is tooooooooooooooo hard

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    If you would like an easier chess game, try playing Flash Chess. It is quite a bit easier to beat than Chess Master 2.

    I hope this helps.

    Richard, from Richard's Game Reviews