Formula Racer

Game Description: Race against 23 other cars on 8 different tracks. Earn prize money for each race, and upgrade your car to make it even faster!

How to Play Formula Racer:

  • For each race there are 24 race cars.
  • Your car is the red car.
  • The other 23 cars are your opponents.
  • You begin each race in 24th place.
  • Press the Up arrow key to accelerate.
  • Press the Down arrow key to brake.
  • Press the Left and Right arrow keys to steer.
  • You may also use the w-a-s-d keys to control your car.
  • The Kinetic Boost is a system which gathers energy and stores it while driving.
  • Your boost level rises automatically, and rises even quicker during braking.
  • Hitting other vehicles depletes your boost.
  • Keep an eye on the lower right corner of the game screen where you will see your Kinetic Boost.
  • When it's 20% full, Formula Racer will display the words 'Press SPACE' (you may also press your 'n' key).
  • Pressing the spacebar (or your 'n' key), during the time the boost is ready will give you a quick powerful burst of speed.
  • The Kinetic Boost can only be used when it is at least 20% full (that is, only when you see the display words 'Press SPACE'). Because your boost continuously rises and falls, the 'ready period' may sometimes last only a few seconds at a time. Other times it may last longer, depending on your driving.
  • As the race progresses, you can see what place you are currently running in, at the top of the screen.
  • You earn prize money for each race you complete, even if you finish in last place.
  • The amount of prize money you win depends on what position you finish. Naturally, the higher you finish the more prize money you win. (The exact amount of money you win will be displayed in the 'Race Results' window after you cross the finish line. Your results will be listed as 'Player', and will be outlined with a yellow box).
  • There are 8 different tracks you can race on.
  • When you first start playing Formula Racer only the first track, the USA track, is open. The remaining tracks are locked.
  • Each track has a license fee.
  • You can unlock each track by paying the license fee with the prize money you win.
  • You can race on any unlocked track as many times as you want. Not only is this of course fun, but each time you race you earn prize money.
  • Any unused prize money accumulates, and carries over to future races. (This makes it easy to unlock all of the tracks because if you don't have enough money to buy the license fee, you simply keep racing until you do).
  • You can also use your prize money to buy upgrades for your car. Upgrades help your car run better and faster. There are up to 16 levels of upgrades for your car.
  • Finish in the top 3 positions on all 8 tracks to unlock the special car!
  • Formula Racer should automatically save your game progress, as long as you use the same computer. So, each time you play you can pick up right where you last left off!

Formula Racer Game Options:
  • The game sounds may be turned on or off by clicking the sound icon (located on some of the pre-race screens in the lower left corner, and located during the race at the upper right corner).

Formula Racer Playing Tips:
  • Avoid contact with other cars.
  • Learn the tracks and find the best racing lines.
  • Between races, you can adjust the car setup. Click the 'Set Up Car' button. Adjust the car setup between speed, handling, and boost, by dragging the cursor around the setup triangle. (Different setups can suit different tracks. For instance, rain makes you skid more, so try increasing the handling on wet tracks).
  • Although the game's 'Help Manual' tells you to hit the boost when coming out of bends, personally I find it easier to simply use the boost on any straight section of track. The main thing you want to avoid when using the boost is, of course, not to go too fast on a turn and end up skidding off the track.
  • Do buy the upgrades for your car when they become available. The upgrades will help your car run better and go faster. (Don't forget to click the 'Upgrade' button to complete the transaction).

Richard's Rating: 5 out of 5.

Comments: Formula Racer features excellent 3d graphics and sounds. I especially enjoy the variety of race tracks you can race on. Among the eight available tracks, you will probably find one or two that will become your favorites . If you enjoy car racing games, Formula Racer is certainly one of the better ones around.

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