Game Description: Free the trapped Blobs by clicking groups of them to make them disappear.

How to Play Gluey in Regular Mode:

  • Click the 'Play' button to play Gluey in regular mode. (There is also Zen mode, which I will briefly explain later).
  • Gluey will take you step-by-step through Level 1, so you can get an immediate feel for the game.
  • Each level has a point Goal near the upper right corner. This is the minimum number of points you must score in order to beat the level, and advance to the next one.
  • All levels, except for Level 1, begin with some single Blobs and some Blob groups. (Level 1 only has Blob groups).
  • Only Blob groups can be clicked. (Hint: Blob groups have eyeballs. Single Blobs do not have eyeballs).
  • Single Blobs cannot be clicked. If you hover your mouse over a single Blob you will see a text message that says 'cannot remove single Blob'. If you click on a single Blob Gluey will signal its disapproval by making a grunting sound.
  • You may see some Blobs with one or more colored dots inside of them. Each colored dot represents a trapped Blob. Once the Blob is clicked (remember only Blob groups can be clicked and single Blobs cannot be clicked), the trapped Blob will be released.
  • Watch for Blobs with a plus sign. A plus sign represents a 'More Blobs' powerup. When you are able to click a Blob group with a plus sign, more Blobs will drop in giving you more chances to make points.
  • On Gluey Levels 11 and 15 you will see some Blobs with a two-headed arrow. When you click a Blob group with an arrow all of the Blobs will get shook up and rearranged.
  • As Blob groups are clicked the other Blobs will fall, letting gravity take its course.
  • When Blobs fall, Blobs of the same color will stick together and form groups, or form even larger groups.
  • You score points each time a Blob group is clicked.
  • The bigger the group you click, the more points you will make!
  • Score 200 bonus points for removing all Blobs from the board.
  • If you are able to score enough points to at least match the minimum Goal score, you will go on to the next level of play.
  • Should you score less than the Goal score you will see a 'Game Over' message. However, the game is not really over. The only thing 'Game Over' means is that you must replay the level you just played.
  • You may replay a level as many times as you need until you succeed.
  • Each time a level is replayed it will be different!
  • If you would like to restart the level you are playing, to perhaps try to get the 200 bonus points or try to get a higher score, you can click the Restart this level button (this is the button with the two arrows pointing in opposite directions just to the left of the 'X' button in the upper right corner). This option only exists while you are playing a level. Once you win a level, you cannot go back and replay it.
  • Gluey regular mode has 16 levels of play.
  • After you complete Level 16, click the 'Quit Game' button to play the game again.
  • It is very doable to play all 16 levels at one sitting. However, if you are unable to finish your game, Gluey should automatically save your game progress. Then, using the same computer you can pick up where you last left off.

How to Play Gluey in Zen Mode:
  • To play Gluey in Zen mode click the 'Zen mode' button.
  • Zen mode is played like the basic regular game except that there is only one level.
  • In Zen mode you get free Blobs for any removed group. For example, remove 6 Blobs and get 5 free!
  • The goal of Gluey Zen mode is simply to rack up as many points as you can.

Gluey Game Options:
  • The background music may be turned on or off by clicking the musical note icon.
  • The sound effects may be turned on or off by clicking the microphone icon.

Gluey Playing Tips:
  • The most important Gluey playing tip I can give you, by far, is this: The biggest Blob groups make the biggest points. I am not just talking about a few more points. I am talking about massive more points. So, the strategy is clear. You need to anticipate where the Blobs will fall to create even bigger Blobs. Then build them up as much as possible before clicking on them. That is the way to get huge points and win levels.
  • Sometimes when a Blob is falling, and not yet settled into its final position, it may momentarily connect with another Blob of the same color. If you are able to click at that precise moment, you may click that temporary group before it breaks apart.
  • Another thing you should watch for are trapped Blobs. Just like the other Blobs, you will want to anticipate where the trapped Blobs will go after they are released by their Blob group.
  • Anytime you can click on a Blob group with a plus sign inside of it (the 'More Blobs' powerups), more Blobs will drop in giving you more chances to make points!
  • It is to your advantage to use the 'More Blobs' powerups (the Blobs with the plus signs) when they are part of the largest group possible. The larger the group, the greater the number of new Blobs that will be introduced into the game.
  • Remember, if you are able to remove all Blobs from the board you will score an extra 200 points!
  • On Gluey Levels 11 and 15 it is a good idea to click on the Blob groups that have a double-headed arrow, but only when you want to rearrange the Blobs.
  • Except for Level 16, Gluey Level 12 is probably the most difficult level to beat, at least until you understand it. On Level 12 you will see a row of Blobs at the bottom, each with a lock. Think of this row of Blobs like it is a dam. You do not want to break this dam by unlocking any of these Blobs. Once even a single Blob is unlocked the other Blobs will begin to fall through the hole it creates and not only drop to the bottom, but drop through the bottom and off the screen where they will be unable to be used. So the strategy for Level 12 is to form Blob groups near the top as much as you can. Then build up as many points as you can before you 'break your dam'. When you do decide to 'break your dam', and if you are close to meeting your point level Goal, you should break the biggest locked group that you can. That will probably be the last move you can make before all of the Blobs will fall through the bottom, but hopefully you will earn enough points to beat the level.
  • Gluey Level 14 also has locks. But this time there are 3 separate rows of locks. The best strategy is to start from the top and make some good matches. Eventually you will need to break the top row of locks. Once you break the first lock on the top row you will want to break the other locks on the top row too. If you don't, you will probably end up with a lot of unbreakable single Blobs trapped above the top row. (Of course, like all of the other levels, Gluey Level 14 plays differently each time you play it. But you will probably need to make some fast decisions, and click rather quickly, to break the entire top row of locks or at least as many as you can. That is, you may see some temporary connections that you will need to click on immediately before too many Blobs drop down to the second row of locked Blobs). Once the top row of locks is broken you will want to use the same strategy with the second row of locks as you used for the top row. Finally, you will want to break the bottom row of locks.
  • Gluey Level 16 may be the toughest level of all and you will probably need to make some quick decisions as the Blobs are falling. On Gluey Level 16 you will see a row of locks about two-thirds of the way down. Start by making some good matches at the top. But once the first lock is broken, it is important to break as many of these locks as possible. Like Level 14, if you don't, you will probably end up with a lot of unbreakable single Blobs trapped above the locked row. However unlike Levels 12 and 14, once the locks are broken the Blobs will not fall through the bottom. They will simply go to the bottom. And what do you see at the bottom? It is something very important: there will be several single Blobs with a plus sign. You already know what that means. These are 'More Blobs' powerups. (When you are able to click a Blob group with a plus sign more Blobs will drop in giving you more chances to make points). Getting these 'More Blobs' powerups is probably going to be crucial to reach the 400 point Goal of Level 16. That is why it is important to break as many of the locks as you can after making some good matches at the top.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: Once you get the hang of Gluey, which should not take very long, you will find that it is tremendous fun!

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