Match Around the World

Match Around the World
Game Description: Play Match 3 games on a map Around the World! The goal of Match Around the World is to drive specific puzzle pieces off of the grid by making matches below them, and occasionally depending on how the grid is configured, sometimes by making matches to the left or right. When you do, each piece will float up to the left to form a picture. If you are able to complete the picture before time runs out, you win, and you go on to the next level of play. But be careful, because if you are uanble to complete the enitre picture and time runs out, you lose, and the game is instantly over!

How to Play Match 3 Games:
  • If you are not familiar with Match 3 play, the idea is to swap tiles that are next to each other either horizontally or vertically.
  • You may swap tiles either by clicking each tile individually, or by using a dragging motion.
  • If the resulting swap results in a match of 3 or more identical tiles, those tiles will swap positions and all matched tiles will be destroyed and disappear from the grid. And just as important, any tiles that are above will drop down and take the place of any destroyed tiles.
  • If your attempted swap does not result in a match of 3 or more, nothing will happen, and you will simply need to try a different match.

How to Play Match Around the World:
  • Once the game fully loads, and it may take a little while because Match Around the World has a rather large game file, click the 'Play' button.
  • If this is your first time playing, the next screen you see will be the 'Around the World' map. Click the 'Play' button in the lower right corner to begin the first level, which is Brazil.
  • Once the game pieces are shuffled, notice the special puzzle pieces in the grid. Each piece is part of a picture.
  • Your goal is to make matches usually below each puzzle piece, but occasionally to either its left or right depending on how a particular grid is configured, and drive it off the grid where it will then be released and float up to the left.
  • Most of the time you will need to drive the special puzzle pieces to the bottom where they will exit the grid. However, a few of the grids have spaces somewhat near the top or the middle, that I like to call windows, where the special puzzle pieces may also exit. Also, some of the grids have irregular bottoms, rather than uniform bottoms, with some of the columns being shorter than others.
  • The clock is located near the upper left corner. Watch it carefully!
  • If you are able to drive all of the trapped puzzle pieces off the grid, and thus complete the entire picture before time runs out, you win, and go on to the next level of play.
  • The faster you complete each level, the more Time Bonus points you will earn.
  • But be careful. If you are unable to complete the entire picture before time runs out, you lose, and the game is instantly over!
  • As long as you don't lose, and use the same computer as before, Match Around the World should automatically save your game progress. Then, when you come back, click the 'Play' button. Then click the 'Continue Previous Game' button to continue your saved game.
  • Match Around the World has 20 levels of play.

Play Match Around the World on Full Screen

Please Note: Before playing Match Around the World in Full Screen mode, you may want to take a moment, or two, to read my review. Then, after playing your game, simply click the back button on your browser to return to this page.

The Match Around the World Hammer:
  • The Match Around the World Hammer is located near the lower left corner.
  • Charge the Hammer up by making multiple matches of 3 or more with a single move, or by making matches of 4 or more.
  • When the Hammer is fully charged up it will change into a grey color and start to rock from side to side, signaling that it is ready to be used.
  • To use the Hammer, first click on the Hammer. Then click on a tile within the grid.
  • If the tile you use the Hammer on is not chained, or frozen, it will be destroyed.
  • If you use the Hammer on a chained tile, the chain will be removed. If you use the Hammer on a frozen tile, it will become unfrozen. Now the tile can be matched and destroyed like any other tile.
  • You may charge up the Hammer as many times as you would like during a level. However, the Hammer does not carry over a partial charge to the next level. In other words, each level begins with the Hammer completely uncharged.

The Match Around the World Chained Tiles:
  • Some tiles have chains on them.
  • A chained tile cannot be moved or destroyed until the chain has been removed.
  • To remove a chain you must either bring at least two other identical colored tiles to the chained tile, or use the fully charged Hammer on it.
  • After the chain is removed from the tile, the tile will act like a regular tile and can then be moved or destroyed.

The Match Around the World Frozen Tiles:
  • Frozen tiles look like they have icicles on their upper halves.
  • Frozen tiles behave similar to chained tiles. So just use the same ideas I presented above.

Match Around the World Game Options: There are two separate game controls located in the lower left corner. The control on the left turns the music on or off. The control on the right turns the game sounds on or off. These contols may also be accessed by clicking the 'Pause' button.

Match Around the World Playing Tips:
  • If you should get stuck for a while, Match Around the World will suggest a move by using a glowing effect on two tiles that are eligible to be swapped. Remember, this is merely a suggestion. It may be a good move, or a poor move. If you have enough time you may want to look around. You may find something better.
  • Should there will no more matches remaining on the entire grid, Match Around the World will let you know, and then it will automatically reshuffle the entire grid for you. Then, just keep playing as usual.
  • Try to remove the chains from tiles whenever you can. Because chained tiles cannot be moved, they tend to clog up the grid. This limits your flexibility. However, do not spend an inordinate amount of time trying to remove every chain. Remember your only goal is to drive each special puzzle piece off the grid. Many times you will be able to work around a chained tile.
  • Look for matches of 4 or more so you can charge up the Hammer quicker, and more often. Using the Hammer can really help you get out of a sticky situation.
  • If I remember correctly, on Level 8, France, and on Level 10, Italy, you may find most, and possibly all, of the special puzzle pieces located directly above chained tiles in one or more columns on the extreme edges of the grid. What you need to do is to charge up the Hammer multiple times. Then use it two times on any chained tile, or once on any unchained tile, that is blocking your way and preventing the trapped puzzle pieces from falling to the bottom.
  • On Level 11, Turkey, there are two 'windows' in the upper part of the grid. The special puzzle pieces can also exit from either of these windows rather than having to drive them to the very bottom. This can save you a lot of time.
  • Remember on some levels like Level 13, the bottom of the grid is not uniform. Rather it juts up in certain places. This means, just like in Level 11, you can take a shortcut if you can get the special puzzle pieces to exit up higher on the grid.
  • If it looks like you are about to lose a level, there is an easy way out. Simply leave the page, and then come back. When you do come back, click the 'Play' button. Then click the 'Continue Previous Game' button. This allows you to begin the level you were about to lose all over again, with your previous score still intact. Yes, it is a bit unethical, but it does work.
  • Do play Match Around the World on full screen. It will be easier on your eyes, and chances are you will progress further in the game.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Comments: Even though Match Around the World is certainly a lot of fun, I did find myself getting bored several times. I would suggest that for anyone who plays this game to only play a few levels at a time, and then come back later and continue. That might help alleviate some of the boredom.

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  1. If you think time will run out before you finish a level -- close the game and then re-open it. You will find yourself back at the beginning of the level that was taking up a lot of time. It is so frustrating getting to near the end and running out of time. You have to start all over again. By ending the game before you finish a level, you only have to start one level again and you have the points that you had when you first attempted the tricky level.