Ancient Jewels

Game Description: Make matches of 3 or more in a row to destroy all stone slabs.

How to Play Ancient Jewels:

  • Use your left mouse button.
  • Click on 2 adjacent jewels one at a time (or use a dragging motion) to attempt to swap their positions.
  • The jewels will only swap positions if there is a resulting match of 3 or more jewels of the same color in-a-row, either hortizontally or vertically.
  • Matched jewels will disappear. If there is a stone slab underneath a matched jewel, the stone slab will be destroyed.
  • A few jewels have chains. Some jewels have single chains. Other jewels have double chains. Before you can destroy the jewel you will have to first remove all of the chains. Remove a single chain by matching the chained jewel with at least two other objects of the same color. For a double chained jewel, a second such match must also be made to remove the second chain.
  • There are also some double stone slabs. These are darker in color than regular stone slabs. A double stone slab has to be destroyed two times before it can be removed from the board.
  • Should you run out of moves, Ancient Jewels will tell you that there are no more possible moves available and will reset the board. Then, just keep playing as usual.
  • The clock is located at the upper right corner of the game. This tells you how much time you have to complete a level.
  • To advance to the next level, you must destroy all of the stone slabs before the time runs out.
  • If you fail a level, you may repeat the level as many times as you need until you are able to successfully complete a level.
  • Ancient Jewels has 20 levels of play. The game does not save your progress as far as I can tell. If you want to complete all 20 levels be prepared to play for about one to two hours, depending on your progress.

Ancient Jewel Bonuses: Ancient Jewels has four different bonuses that can help you win the game. You will encounter these bonuses as you play. Each bonus may be swapped just like a regular object.
  • Bomb -- A bomb will explode the surrounding jewels when you match it with at least two other objects of the same color. A bomb appears each time you match five colors in a row in the form of the letter "L".
  • Clock -- The clock bonus looks like an hourglass. This bonus will add 60 seconds to your level time when it is matched with at least two other objects of the same color. A clock appears each time you match five colors in a row in the form of a straight line.
  • Dynamite -- Dynamite will explode objects in the form of a cross when it is matched with at least two other objects of the same color. It appears after combo5x.
  • Lightening -- When lightening is matched with at least two other objects of the same color it will emit lightening to destroy 7 cells. Make a match of 5 or more in the form of the letter "T" to get it.

Ancient Jewels Game Options:
  • The game sounds and music may be turned on or off by clicking the controls at the bottom center.
  • To pause the game, click the 'Menu' button also located at the bottom center. To resume, click the 'Return to Game' button.

Ancient Jewels Playing Tips:
  • Ancient Jewels helps you to identify which jewels have a stone slab underneath them by producing a glowing effect. Watch for this.
  • When each level begins, try to quickly identify the positions of the slabs you think will be the toughest to destroy. These are usually the ones at the very top, bottom, and sides of the board but depending on the layout they can sometimes be in the center too. Try to destroy some of these harder positioned slabs for about 60 seconds. Then, start concentrating on the rest of the board and come back to them later. Don't spend too much time on these harder ones, because if you do you will find that you have simply too many other slabs to destroy at the end with not enough time. Also, you may find that some of the more difficult slabs got 'accidently' destroyed all on their own!
  • Try to remove chains from jewels as soon as possible. Many times a chained jewel will need to be unchained before a large group of jewels can drop to the bottom. Remember, you can break a chain by making matches in any direction: from the top, bottom, or from either side of the chained jewel.
  • Try to make lots of matches near the bottom. This will cause lots of other pieces to drop down and sometimes can cause a large chain-reaction of unforseen matches.
  • If you should get stuck for a period of time, Ancient Jewels will show you a possible move with double arrows that move back and forth. Remember, this is simply a random move. It may be a good move, or a poor move. If you have enough time look around. You may find something better.
  • I think the clock bonus is probably the most valuable bonus to have because each one can add 60 seconds to your time. Learn how to make matches of at least 5 in-a-row in a straight line to get the clock bonuses.

Richard's Rating: 5 out of 5.

Pro: Ancient Jewels has excellent graphics and sounds with many other outstanding features. If you enjoy Match 3 games, you'll want to play this one again and again.

Con: It appears that there is no way to save your game progress (at least none that I can find), which is certainly a shame. If you want to get through all 20 levels, just be prepared to spend about an hour or longer.

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