Farm Roads

Game Description: Connect the farming community by linking all the isolated roads in order to join the paddocks, plantations, windmills, farm houses and barns. This will ensure that farming life is far more productive and efficient!

How to Play Farm Roads:

  • Start the game at the flashing red signal.
  • Rotate the roads by clicking on the little red blocks which appear when you mouse-over each road section.
  • Navigate your way through the farming community by clicking on the arrows on the left or right hand side of the game to go either East or West.
  • As you connect things to the starting point (that is, to the flashing red signal) objects will instantly ‘spring to life.’ The roads will change from purple to pink. The farm houses and barns will light up. Farm animals will appear in the paddocks. Working sprinklers will pop up in the plantations. And the windmills will rotate.
  • You win the game when you get everything working by connecting everything to the starting point.

Farm Roads Game Options: The sound may be turned on or off by clicking the sound button at the top of the game screen.

Farm Roads Playing Tips:
  • Remember, just because you have a section 'working' does not necessarily mean it is correct. You will have to connect and disconnect things numerous times until you find the correct solution.
  • Also remember, every section of road will need to be connected. This means all road sections must be pink. If you see even a small section of purple road you know you will need to change things in that area.
  • Each farm house or barn has a small piece of road. This will be the final section that connects each structure to the main road. Sometimes these small sections are a little hard to see when they are on top of the buildings. You can clearly see them, but they are a little lighter in color. So, be aware of this.
  • As you connect everything, use the two big arrows on the sides of the game screen to navigate your way. Always work West to East.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: Farm Roads takes a little practice before you can get comfortable with it. But it is well worth the effort. Also, each time you play the game the screen will be different and present you with a new challenge! This game will definitely give you a lot of pleasure. A truly excellent game all-around.

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