Puzzle Maniax

Game Description: Complete a 30 piece jigsaw puzzle before time runs out.

How to Play Puzzle Maniax:

  • From the main menu, click the Options button to select your difficulty level. Easy gives you 260 seconds. Medium gives you 170 seconds. Hard gives you 120 seconds.
  • Click the Play button.
  • There are 10 different puzzles to try.
  • To select your puzzle simply click on any of the 10 pictures, or use the double arrow keys at the right side of the game screen to see a larger preview.
  • After you make your puzzle selection, click the Start button.
  • Drag each puzzle piece onto the playing field to where you believe it should go. Then release.
  • Sometimes before you drag a piece you may need to rotate the piece so it will be in the proper position. Click on a puzzle piece, one or more times, to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise with each click. Then drag.
  • When a piece is placed properly in regards to both position and rotation it will 'stick' and you will receive points. Otherwise, the piece will 'snap back' to it's original position outside of the playing field.
  • Try to complete your puzzle before the time runs out!

Puzzle Maniax Game Options:A menu bar will appear on the right side of the game screen, after you click the Start button. (To open this menu float your mouse button over the word 'Menu'. To close this menu simply move your mouse back toward the center of the puzzle). This menu gives you access to three game options. They are:
  • Play or Stop the game music.
  • Show or Hide the puzzle grid.
  • Show or Hide the background image.
Puzzle Maniax Playing Tips:
  • At least until you get used to Puzzle Maniax I suggest you use the Easy difficulity level, and show both the grid and the background image.
  • Some of the puzzles are easier than others. So, try different ones.
  • Repeat the same puzzle more than once. It will get easier.

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: If you like a challenge with your jigsaw puzzles, you will really like Puzzle Maniax.

Con: Who knew you could have stress putting together a jigsaw puzzle? I grew up at a time before there were computers. Yes... some of us really did! (Does that officially make me old?) Jigsaw puzzles were something that came in a box and the pieces were made out of cardboard. (I suspect they probably still sell these in toy stores. But, I haven't been to a toy store lately to check). The best thing about those jigsaw puzzles were... they were so relaxing! Of course, there was one big disadvantage about those old-fashioned jigsaws. Many times, just when you were about to complete a puzzle with hundreds... or even thousands of pieces... you realized much to your exasperation that one or more pieces were missing. Sometimes, they would eventually turn up in another puzzle box. Usually, of course, days after you disassembled the original puzzle! And, sometimes the missing pieces mysteriously disappeared forever.

Anyway, enough reminiscing. Seriously, I personally prefer jigsaw puzzles with no time limits. So, I may assemble them at a leisurely pace. But, that is just my personal peference. If you agree, you may want to try Addiction Puzzle which is very similar to Puzzle Maniax but without any time limit.

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