Addiction Puzzle

Game Description: Addiction Puzzle has ten different 30-piece jigsaw puzzles to solve.

How to Play Addiction Puzzle:

  • Addiction Puzzle is played using your left mouse button.
  • Click the 'start the game' button.
  • Preview each of the ten jigsaws by clicking the forward and back arrows on the game screen.
  • When you decide which puzzle you want to solve, simply click on its image. (You may also let Addiction Puzzle select your puzzle for you by clicking the Random puzzle screen. The Random puzzle screen comes up after the last picture).
  • Drag each puzzle piece onto the playing field to where you believe it should go.
  • Sometimes before you drag a piece you may need to rotate the piece so it will be in the proper position. Click on a puzzle piece, one or more times, to rotate it 90 degrees clockwise with each click.
  • You earn 50 points for each puzzle piece you place in the correct position. It must also be rotated correctly. That is, it cannot be upside down, sideways and so forth.
  • You lose 50 points each time you incorrectly place a puzzle piece. However, your score can never go below zero.
  • A perfect score is 1500.
  • There is no time limit. So, take as long as you wish. (As far as I can tell there seems to be no bonus points for completing the puzzle fast).

Addiction Puzzle Game Options: All of the game options are accessed by clicking the Options button located at the right side of the game screen. Each game option may be turned on or off by clicking the little button in front of each option. A black button means the option is turned off. A yellow button means the option is turned on. The game options act independently. So, you may turn on as many as you wish. After you select your game options, simply move your mouse away from the game screen, or towards the center of the game screen, and the Options menu will automatically close. The game options are as follows:
  • Show Grid. (Shows the outline of each puzzle piece).
  • Show Image. (Shows the actual image of the puzzle).
  • Easy Mode. (When easy mode is on, Addiction Puzzle will display a square that shows you where to place each puzzle piece as you hover over it with your mouse. You may still need to rotate each piece).
  • Play Music. (Turns the backgound music on or off).
  • Play Sound. (This option is supposed to turns the sound effects on or off. However when I tried it, the sound effects always remained on even when they were supposed to be off).
  • Main Menu. (Takes you back to the main menu).

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Comments: There are two things I really appreciate about Addiction Puzzle. The first thing is all of the game options. You have the ability to make your puzzle as easy or as difficult as you wish. You can make this puzzle very easy by turning on the Show Grid, Show Image, and the Easy Mode options. Or, if you want a really good challenge, try to get a perfect score of 1500 with all of these options turned off. Believe me, it is not easy! Or, you may choose to show only one or two of these options. The choice is yours. The second thing I like about Addiction Puzzle, unlike Puzzle Maniax which drove me nuts, is that there is no time limit. If you are playing for a high score you can take as much time as you want to study the board. And, if you could care less about your score, with 10 different jigsaws Addiction Puzzle is certainly a nice way to spend some time.

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