Game Description: Play this fun Match 3 game and build the virtual aquarium of your dreams!

How to Play Fishdom:

  • Use your left mouse button.
  • Click on 2 adjacent pieces (or use a dragging motion) to attempt to swap their positions.
  • The pieces will only swap if there is a resulting match of 3 or more in-a-row.
  • If you get stuck and cannot find a match Fishdom will usually highlight an eligible move for you.
  • Create matches over golden tiles to clear them.
  • Finish a level by clearing all the golden tiles before the time runs out. (Remember, you do not need to clear all the tiles to complete a level... only the golden tiles must be cleared).
  • The timer (the long vertical tube on the right filled with green liquid) shows you how much time you have left to complete the level. It drains from top to bottom. When all the liquid drains out the time is up!
  • When you successfully complete a level you earn 'money' based on your performance.
  • After you complete a level, click the 'Shop' button to buy items for your aquarium.
  • There are 3 types of items you may buy: Fish, Beauty (plants and ornaments), and Comfort (things to make your fish feel better like a filter, lights and so forth).
  • After you complete your shopping, click the 'Play' button to go to the next level and earn more 'money' for your aquarium.
  • You will not complete this game at one sitting. Your game, hopefully, will be automatically saved when you leave Richard's Game Reviews. (There is no Save button, but the game is apparently programmed to save itself automatically. So far it has been my experience that the game will always save itself, but I can make no guarantees about this).
  • To resume your game, come back to Richard's Game Reviews, and your Fishdom game should be just as you left it. (You will need to be on the same computer to resume your game). If you do not see your saved game, try clicking the 'Menu' button (in upper right corner). Then click the 'Resume' button.
  • When you complete certain levels you may see a screen with two options. One option lets you Download the game. If you do not want to download the game, just click the 'Continue' button and continue playing the game for free here on Richard's Game Reviews.
  • Pay attention to the 3 meters in the upper left corner (Fish, Beauty, and Comfort.) Fill these up, and you earn a cup.
  • Now you are ready to continue on your own! It's up to you to create your dream aquarium. Good luck!

Fishdom Game Options:
  • The sound may be turned on or off by going to the 'Menu' button located in the upper right corner.

Fishdom Playing Tips: When I first started playing Fishdom and I saw the explosives for the first time I thought "oh-oh." I thought they were perhaps time bombs and if they exploded I would lose the game. On the contrary, these are bonuses to help you in difficult situations. You earn them when you make matches of 5 or more. You want them to explode, especially near the golden tiles. These explosive bonuses can only help you win the game by clearing tiles faster. They will never hurt you. A few of them are:
  • A Firecracker bonus destroys all within a radius of 1 tile.
  • A Depth Bomb bonus destroys all within a radius of 2 tiles.
  • A Dynamite Charge destroys all within 3 tiles and can be earned by a match of 6 pieces.
  • A Warhead destroys everything within a radius of 4 tiles and can be earned by a match of 7 or more pieces.
Here are some additional playing tips.
  • Sometimes you may encounter a locked piece. To break the lock, bring the other matching pieces to the locked one.
  • Click the green eye icon (upper left corner) anytime you want to pause the game and enjoy the views of the underwater world.
  • Click the Move button (lower right corner) to rearrange the plants and ornaments to your liking.

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pro: This is a fun game to relax with. (This game is actually much harder to explain than it is to play. So don't let my lengthy explanation scare you away). New elements are added slowly in this game so you will have time to learn them. The timer is very slow which makes the game much less challenging than, say, a Jewel Quest, but it is also much more relaxing. A feature I like is the pause button. This comes in very handy if you want to rest your eyes or just take a break. The graphics are stunning, and certainly are the very best feature of Fishdom.

Con: The game can get somewhat repetitive.

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