Match V

Game Description: Make matches of at least five gems in a row. Clear all silver and gold squares before time runs out to advance to the next level.

How to Play Match V:

  • Match V is played on a 10x10 game field with colored gems.
  • More colored gems will be added during the game.
  • To move a gem first click on the gem you want to move. Then, click on an empty square where you want the gem to go.
  • For any gem to move it must be able to travel along an open path to get to it's destination.
  • If a gem is unable to get to it's destination you will receive a BLOCK message.
  • A BLOCK message means that the path is blocked and the gem is unable to get to it's destination. You will have to either first move one of the gems that is blocking it's path so the path is clear, or choose a different move.
  • Make horizontal, vertical or diagonal matches of at least five identical gems in a row.
  • Make matches on top of the golden squares to turn them silver.
  • Make matches on top of the silver squares to remove them.
  • Remove all golden and silver squares before the time bar at the bottom of the game screen runs out to continue to the next level.

Match V Game Options: All game options are accessed by clicking the 'Options' button located on the Main Menu. Game options are as follows:
  • Match V has three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, or Hard.
  • The sound may be turned on or off.
  • Graphics may be set to high, best, low, or medium.

Match V Playing Tips:
  • Begin at the Easy or Medium difficulty level. Then, after you learn the game you can move up to the Hard difficulty level.
  • Keep an eye on the menu at the right side of the game screen which will show you which gems will come into play next. This will help you plan your moves.
  • Be careful! Sometimes early on in a level you may place a gem on top of a gold or silver square then get distracted and start working on a different part of the playing field. Later, it may appear that the level should be over because there are no visible gold or silver squares. But, of course, the level isn't complete because of the one gold or silver square that you forgot you covered... and the time bar at the bottom of the game screen is still running! So, keep careful track of this!
  • Sometimes it's to your advantage to make a match of more than five. For instance, if you make a match of say seven, you can clear up to seven gold or silver squares at a time... not just five! (To make a match of longer than five you will need to first place the gems at each of the two ends of the row first, and then place the last gem in the middle to complete the row).

Richard's Rating: 4 out of 5.

Comments: Try this game and it will win you over slowly, but surely. When I first tried Match V (at the medium difficulty level) the first several levels were so easy I thought "What's the point?" There seemed to be no challenge whatsoever. I was bored! But soon I encountered my first blocked moves. Although I didn't even realize it at the time I was starting to figure out how this game worked. Why does Match V block this move? Once I learned how, and why, things work as they do in this game I begin to see and experience the true potential of Match V. Play it for 10 to 15 minutes. Learn how it works. And, you too, will become a huge Match V fan like I am. Match V is superb!

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