Jonas Brothers Memory Game

Game Description: You have 60 seconds to find identical pictures of the 3 Jonas Brothers: Joe, Nick and Kevin. Clear the entire board to get to the next level.

How to Play the Jonas Brothers Memory Game:

  • Use your left mouse button to click pictures.
  • A turn consists of 2 clicks.
  • When you match 2 identical pictures in the same turn those pictures are removed from the board.
  • Earn 200 points for each match.
  • If the pictures don't match, your score is reduced by 5.
  • You lose 5 points for each second that passes.
  • You have 60 seconds to clear the entire board to get to the next level.
  • The game ends when you fail to clear a level.

Jonas Brothers Memory Game Options:
  • Game instructions are available in English or Spanish.

Richard's Rating: 2 out of 5.

Comments: If you like memory games you should enjoy this one.

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