The Farmer Game

Game Description: You are a farmer. You begin the game with $400. Manage your virtual farm in one year to earn as much money as you can.

How to Play The Farmer Game:

Use your left mouse button to click objects on the game screen. Here are some of the activities you may do each day:

  • Go to the Brudeen shop to buy fruit and vegetables seeds, fertilizer, or bug killer.
  • Go to the Chicken farm to buy chickens, or chicken food.
  • Plant seeds in any of your 4 fields.
  • Apply fertilizer to your crops.
  • Water your crops.
  • Spray bug killer on your crops when they are infected by bugs.
  • Use the Cut tool to remove any unwanted plants.
  • Pick your fruit and vegetables when they are ripe and place them in the wooden box.
  • Feed your chickens by placing the chicken food into the bin compartments.
  • Collect the chicken eggs and place them in the wooden box.
  • Click the 'End Day' button to advance the game to the next day.

The Farmer Game Options:
  • You may turn off the background music by clicking the microphone icon. (You will find the microphone icon in the upper right corner on the same screen that displays the 'End Day' button).

The Farmer Game Playing Tips: Every day you have to manage your farm. When will you plant a new field? What crops will you plant? When will you apply fertilizer? When will you water? Are you spending too much money or not spending enough? The decisions you make, or don't make, each day will determine your success. Here are some tips which should help you succeed and give you a better experience with this game:
  • Do as many actions as you can each day before clicking the 'End Day' button. For example, if you just cleared a field by picking your fruit or vegetables, do not end the day if you have enough money to buy more seeds. Instead, go back to the Brudeen shop and buy more seeds. Then replant your field with your newly purchased seeds. Use fertilizer if you have some available, and of course water your seeds. (Water is free in this game.) Then... only after you have completed every farm chore you can possibly complete... click the 'End Day' button.
  • When a plant is infected with bugs you will easily see the bugs. If you have bug killer available, don't forget to spray your plant, or else it may die.
  • Applying fertilizer will help your plants grow faster.
  • If it rains, it probably is not a good idea to water your plants that day.
  • Sometimes, you may want to use the Cut tool to remove a healthy plant should you determine it is to your advantage. For example, I had a carrot field where two of the carrots grew slower than the rest of the crop. I had already picked the rest of the carrots so I decided, since I had enough money to replant the field it was probably to my advantage to cut and remove these last two carrot plants and replant the entire field that day rather than just leaving the field with only the two remaining plants. These are the types of decisions you will have to make when you play The Farmer Game.
  • Don't forget to feed your chickens every day. If you do, they will lay an egg for you each day which earns you money.
  • This is the most important game playing tip I can give you. When you are finished playing, and want to quit, don't forget to click the Save Game button to save your changes. Understand, this is not a game you will complete in one instance. Since the object of the game is to see how much money you can earn on your virtual farm in one year, I assume the game has 365 'days.' (When I tested the game to write my review, I only went to about Day 20.) This does not mean you actually play the game for a real year. Remember, you may advance the game to the next day anytime you click the 'End Day' button. So, depending on the time you have and how many farm chores you have, you might, for example, play 10 to 20 game days at a single sitting. Just remember to click the 'Save Game' button to save your changes when you want to quit. Then, when you want to resume playing... come back to Richard's Game Reviews, click 'Load Game' and then click 'Continue'. (Although I am not sure, because I have not personally tested this out, I believe you will likely have to use the same computer you used the last time you played the game in order to continue your saved game.)

Richard's Rating: 3 out of 5.

Pro: If you are into role playing games, or would like to try one, The Farmer Game is a fun choice.

Con: It does take, I would say, at least 30 minutes until you can get comfortable with this game and figure out where everything is and how everything works. So, just be a little patient with it.

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